Obama Hits Campaign Trail To Tout His Notion Of An Inkling Of A Debt Plan

Before that happens, he is going to give “4 lucky reporters interviews,” per the front page of The Politico, to “discuss his vision for reducing our debt and bringing down our deficit, based on the values of shared responsibility and shared prosperity.”In other words, the reporters will be unpaid mouth pieces to promote O’s cocktail napkin debt plan. Then he hits the road

President Obama will hit the road this week and forcibly deliver his message that a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes on the rich is necessary to rein in the nation’s rocketing debt — a high-stakes effort to rally public support ahead of a series of contentious budget battles in Congress.

“Forcibly?” Anyone else have the image of Zach Golfarb and Perry Bacon, Jr, jumping up and down, clapping their hands, and squealing like 14 year old cheerleaders while writing this piece?

From Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale to Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, Obama will make a series of campaign-style stops in an effort to block a Republican plan that would reduce the deficit by dramatically changing Medicare and reducing spending on education and other social programs.

You know what would seriously change Medicare and reduce spending on education and other social programs? Having the government default on its obligations because there is no more of other people’s money.

Obama faces a political necessity — claiming the debt issue as his own — and a political opportunity. Recent polls show that Americans disapprove of his record on the deficit. But sizable majorities agree that a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes on the wealthy — Obama’s vision — is the best prescription for the nation’s fiscal malady.

The debt issue is mostly his own….along with other Democrats….because he has added more to the debt, and the deficit, over the last two years than any other president came close to during the past 200+. As far as higher taxes go, that won’t solve anything, but, it will make idiots feel good about sticking it to those evil rich people who just stole the money off the backs of the poor workers (unless the rich are Democrats and donate to Obama, then they are great people.)

Still, some analysts say, the challenge for Obama will be to link his position on reining in the debt to efforts that would boost the economy. The high joblessness rate, stagnant wages and soaring gas prices represent a triple threat to Obama’s reelection, but the president has virtually no options left to spur job growth before 2012.

I take back the 14 year old cheerleader crack: the two seem to have lost their hopey changey feeling, and highlight that Obama is pretty much out of ideas, other than “tax the rich.” The Stimulus failed, just as predicted. Yammering on about “green jobs” didn’t make them magically appear out of a unicorns butt. And…well, that was it. That’s what Obama pushed. After that, he was lost. Clueless. Which is no surprise, but, one would think the President would have some advisers who understand how to create jobs….no? There aren’t any? They’re political hacks with little experience in the real world, too? Who would have thunk it?

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2 Responses to “Obama Hits Campaign Trail To Tout His Notion Of An Inkling Of A Debt Plan”

  1. Doomed says:

    Move over Jimmy Carter……I think you should be given a Pulitzer for being the greatest president ever……when compared to Barak Obama.

    Where are the jobs? This administration is ANTI-BUSINESS….ANTI-AMERICAN….PRO UNION THUGGERY…..DIVISIVE and espousing CLASS WARFARE.

    They purposefully are keeping the country in constant turmoil by ALINSKY and CLOWARD & PIVEN EVERYTHING the Right does.

    They are stirring up anger, animosity and forcing.

    FORCING the right to NOT COMPROMISE.

    They do not want compromise……these idiots learned in 2003-AD INFINITUM that ALINSKY works GREAT.

    HENCE until ALINSKY IS DEFEATED……the Democrats will NEVER compromise.


  2. It’s what they know best. God help us if Obama is reelected.

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