Half Naked College Students Protest Coal, Which Gives Them Power To Wash Other Half Of Clothes

Silly college kids who should learn a bit more about real life

Oh, college students.They’ll use just about anything as an excuse to take off their clothes. We’ll give them this one, though, because this bunch of barely-legals is stripping down for a good cause: Raising awareness about the harm coal mining — and coal-powered universities — can do to the environment. The anti-coal undies were designed by organic-clothing designer PACT, and 10 percent of the proceeds goes to helping the Sierra Club find coal-free solutions. The boys and girls gone wild were provided by the Sierra Club Student Coalition. Hey, it works for PETA.

Instead of “raising awareness,” they should try living without power. They’d be really upset when their beer was warm and they couldn’t dance drunk/drugged to all the lights and music powered by….coal!

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4 Responses to “Half Naked College Students Protest Coal, Which Gives Them Power To Wash Other Half Of Clothes”

  1. proof says:

    Anti-coal undies? Were they sewn by hand or treadle powered sewing machines? In natural light, only in daylight hours? Everyone walk or bicycle to work? Any heat or A/C in the building? Lunch cooked over a campfire or eaten cold?

    Eight to five says there’s a fridge full of Tofu products, sodas, goat and soy milk and organic yogurts there. Just guessing.

  2. captainfish says:

    When did anything college students do make logical sense?

  3. Black Sabbath says:

    THAT’S a protest? 20 people? Next…

  4. PatriotUSA says:

    Wonderful, perfect and I had to steal this(with a link back here to PC) and a most useful spot for My libtards on parade videos for this morning.

    This bunch of cornfused bunch of environazis in training would fit right in on the west side of the state where I live, POORegon.

    Thanks and a very nice site. Love the content and scenery.

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