CAIR Wants Muslim Day At The Ballpark

No, really

The issue of religious freedom vs. separation of church and state is always dicey and sports is not immune. A growing number of MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL clubs are offering Christian, Jewish and Mormon nights.

???? I wasn’t aware of these sports being owned by The State and having to follow a tenet not found in the Constitution.

But a national Muslim advocacy group doesn’t think it’s appropriate for teams to mix religion and sports. If sports teams are going do it, then the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants equal time for other religions.

Calling CAIR an “advocacy group” is like calling al Qaeda a “grassroots organization.”

“The ultimate test of this kind of policy would be to have a Muslim Family Day — and gauge the public reaction to it,” says CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. “Given the heightened state of anti-Muslim sentiment in our society, I have a feeling there would be some objections to that.”

I suspect there might be some empty seats, due to worries over members of the Religion of Peace exploding themselves. But, why is CAIR all worked up?

The Oakland A’s, for example, will hold their first Jewish Heritage Night against the Los Angels May 17. Attendees get an A’s yarmulke and a seat in the plaza infield section for $26.

The Golden State Warriors are also going to have a Jewish Heritage Night. Obviously, this has ticked off those tolerant people at CAIR. And, of course,

What do you think? Is it OK for sports teams to hold these religious-themed fan days? Or should sports stay away from religion.

So, is it OK for privately owned sports teams to do this? Or, should Government mandate “diversity”?

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7 Responses to “CAIR Wants Muslim Day At The Ballpark”

  1. mojo says:

    Private corps (and individuals) can do as they like as long as they don’t break the law. No, they’re not required to abide by some mythical “separation of church and state” – being, in point of fact, neither of the above.

  2. I have to wonder how long it will be before CAIR complains to one of their pet Dem Congress Critters about this.

  3. Doomed says:

    It will be Alinsky treatment for them if they do not open up their ball parks to muslims as well.

    The very fact that a Muslim group would demand equal time because a PRIVATE CORPORATION offers the same thing to the Jewish or Christians of our nation shows their intolerance for all things Religious.

    But its more then that……

    Its the continual assault on Americas fundamental structure and Free enterprise and the freedoms of markets and Capitalism.

    Our very way of life is a bane to peoples who want authoritarian rule by caveat.

    The people MUST BE LED AS SHEEP….told what to do and informed how to live….THIS FREEDOM SHIT IS FOR THE BIRDS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    so sayeth the progressives and by default the enemy of my enemy is my friend groups.

  4. Doomed says:

    OH and by the way……if you’ve never really made the connection.

    The Dems/progressives are using that old axiom and putting it to good work.


    Or in other words…Muslims who are opposed to Capitalism and the existing way of life in America(WHICH PROGRESSIVES are opposed to as well)

    Well if they are opposed to the same thing we are opposed to….

    Then that makes them my friends….

    And thus…why the progressives embrace all things that are in opposition to the things Capitalism and free markets and liberty of this nation embrace.

    The enemy of my enemy(FREEDOM, FREE MARKETS, CAPITALISM, NATIONALISM)is my friend.

  5. Stix says:

    I also have to wonder how many Muslims are there in American Sports. I know a majority are Christian and there are many Jewish athletes. So these heritage days or nights or whatever are honoring the contribution from these groups to their respective sports.

    So I am wondering how many Muslims play hockey in the NHL or minors, or in MLB and their minors, the NBA, the NFL. I know there are probably at least a few , but does that make them contributors to the sport as a whole?

    This is just a way for CAIR to poke at the US.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. captainfish says:

    Speaking of CAIR, they recently came out of the cockroach-infested closet again in Oklahoma to bash the anti-international law, and proposed fixed law.

    They are now claiming that banning foreign laws in state rulings, is …. anti-business, anti-family, and bigoted.

    The “fixed” law has died in the senate.

    Once again, … so-called Republicans go crying to momma and fear the bully in the “ballpark”.

    See how I tied this to the original story?!?

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