Climate “Scientists:” Did We Say Ice Free In 2013? We Meant 2016. Our Bad!

Mark Landsbaum at the Orange County Register finds a big Woopsie! from climate “scientists”

Global warming is a lot like everything else. There are pretty easy ways to tell when you’re being conned or at least whether the ones making claims know what they are talking about. For example, one way to know whether a prophet is a real prophet is that his prophecies come true.

One way to detect a fraud is that when his prophecies don’t come true he says, “I meant to say…”

The BBC has a delightful story of the global warming alarmists saying, “I meant to say…”

“Scientists who predicted a few years ago that Arctic summers could be ice-free by 2013 now say summer sea ice will probably be gone in this decade.”

At least they didn’t wait until 2013 to be proven wrong.

“The original prediction, made in 2007, gained Wieslaw Maslowski’s team a deal of criticism from some of their peers,” reports the BBC. “Now they are working with a new computer model – compiled partly in response to those criticisms – that produces a ‘best guess’ date of 2016.”

“Best guess,” eh? You can get the same thing at the carnival from Madame Zelda and her crystal ball. This is why the climate alarmists tend to use 2050 and 2100 as the dates for their prognostications, as it is much harder to prove their deranged palm readings wrong.

From said BBC article

“In the past… we were just extrapolating into the future assuming that trends might persist as we’ve seen in recent times,” said Dr Maslowski, who works at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

“Now we’re trying to be more systematic, and we’ve developed a regional Arctic climate model that’s very similar to the global climate models participating in Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessments,” he told BBC News.

So, in the past, they were just assuming that things didn’t change in the climate, which had apparently been stagnant for 4 billion years, and now they are going to use the wonderful IPCC computer (pictured above), which fail to take into account the primary drivers of climate, the Sun and water vapor, along with other natural processes.

Just add this to the other predictions, such as, but not limited to, that winter snow was a thing of the past and hurricanes and tornadoes would get much, much worse.

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One Response to “Climate “Scientists:” Did We Say Ice Free In 2013? We Meant 2016. Our Bad!”

  1. Doomed says:

    NOAA is predicting that sea ice extent in the Antarctic might well be free of ice during the summer in the coming DECADES….certainly not by 2016.

    Open water is conducive to surface warming.

    From an NPR report:Interview with two arctic researchers.

    2. JOYCE: In fact, for close to half a century the flow from arctic rivers and from rainfall has increased dramatically, an extra 20,000 cubic kilometers worth of new freshwater. That’s equivalent to about 40 years worth of the water that flows out of the Mississippi. There’s also more freshwater coming from sea ice in the Arctic Ocean that’s been rapidly melting, and there’s yet more freshwater coming from melting glaciers. What Holmes has tracked is where all that water has gone.

    3. Mr. HOLMES: My concern is if you add enough extra freshwater to the north Atlantic, you could slow down or even shut down the circulation which would potentially have dramatic impacts on climate, such as a cooling in the North Atlantic region in Western Europe. So a kind of surprising response to global warming, where you can actually get regional cooling in parts of the globe.

    In short…………

    What the AGW crowd is failing to realize is that the massive melt off of fresh water of mindboggling proportions in both the north and south pole will do……



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