Obama Road Tests 2012 Campaign Slogans, Such As “I’m Not A Perfect Partier”

Huh? He didn’t say that? That was just my eyes replacing “president” with “partier”, due to his actions over the past 2+ years? Oh. Sorry. My Bad. Anyhow, he’d have to spend a lot more time at East Carolina University if he wants to perfect his partying skills, but, moving on

For the first time since formally declaring he’ll run for reelection, President Barack Obama hit the road Wednesday, telling a town hall audience he’s not “a perfect president” but has kept his promise to level with the public and will “keep pushing and fighting for you.”

True, he does level with the public, once a week or two have gone by, or a freedom of information act is filed, then a suit is filed after the White House fails to follow through on the FOIA request. Or, the media unintentionally brings to light what Obama is doing. And then there is “fighting for you.” I’m not sure if launching a war of choice in Libya is fighting “for me.” And also, if by fighting he means “giving a speech then hitting the golf course,” well, yeah.

Comparing the budget fight with Republicans with the decades-long debate over alternative energy, the president told employees of Gamisa Energy, a wind turbine manufacturer, that Washington’s entrenched political culture has kept the nation from moving forward. Change has been difficult, he said, but “I do not want to see Washington politics stand in the way of America’s progress.”

Someone remind me which Party held power during the first two of Obama’s “presidential” years, in large majorities.

Democrats and Republicans “need to get together to work through their differences, keep the government running so that we can focus on keeping this economy growing, focus on things like clean energy [and] driving down gas prices,” Obama said. “That’s what people want to see: results. You deserve no less than that.”

Well, that’s a change from “I won.” Anyhow, speaking of gas prices, Professor Reynolds catches an campaign slogan from PBO

OBAMA: Get Used To High Gas Prices. “Obama needled one questioner who asked about gas prices, now averaging close to $3.70 a gallon nationwide, and suggested that the gentleman consider getting rid of his gas-guzzling vehicle.”

That’s a hell of a campaign slogan. One the Republicans should jump on and highlight in a commercial by Friday. And, yes, the AP did completely rewrite the article once Glenn highlighted that quote. And, double yes, Glenn has a screenshot. And triple yes, as Glenn writes, high gas prices are a feature, not a bug. So what if they damage the economy? So what if 2 real jobs are lost for every massively high priced “green” job? Obama has a narrative and a set of cult like beliefs, and nothing will dissuade him from reality.

Anyhow, back to the original story

He also pressured Republicans, who he suggested have taken a “my way or the highway” approach in negotiations over the budget, despite Democrats’ compromises.

“I won.” “Republicans can come along in the back seat.” Republicans “gotta sit in the back of the bus.”

Republicans want to inject hot-button issues into the debate, “like abortion, the environment, health care,” the president said. There will be time for discussions on those issues, he added, but “not now,” with a government shutdown at stake.

That’s funny. Obama was giving a campaign speech to a company pushing “green” energy, so, I guess Obama had time for those discussions. Do as I say, not as a do.

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7 Responses to “Obama Road Tests 2012 Campaign Slogans, Such As “I’m Not A Perfect Partier””

  1. Doomed says:

    MY best friend got busted for prostitution. MY ex chief of staff was gay. My second best friend is a terrorist. My pastor is a Radical, Hate America preacher. I dance to George Soros tune. The most often seen person at my White House is Union Bosses.

    What does that say about me?

    My pa once said choose your friends wisely…

    We report. You decide.

    Oh and Im still waiting to see his college papers.

  2. Doomed says:

    Frankly I dont know why the right is not demanding this shit. His birth Certificate. His college Papers. His past?

    The left hammered the war and Bush about everything he did even when first 80 percent of the country opposed them for doing it……….

    Then 70 percent.

    Then 60 percent.

    Then 50 percent.

    Then 40 percent.

    Then 32 percent……Its called Alinsky and it works.

  3. Black Sabbath says:

    I hope this blog keeps us posted as to whether the Republicans are going to run with that gorgeous money quote of Obama’s – a quote so bad for Obama that it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK at the AP to vanish it down the memory hole.
    I’ve got a virtual $20 that the GOP sits on their hands and does nothing. Like they did with the Wisconsin elections for the first two weeks.

  4. mojo says:

    Well, I hear he’s really improved his short game, so there.s that…

  5. gitarcarver says:

    His birth Certificate. His college Papers. His past?

    Because most of the Right knows that every time a “Birther” speaks, they show a tremendous amount of ignorance.

    His college papers and his past are not germane to his ability or lack of ability to run the country. Furthermore, there is no Constitutional requirement that Obama, or any presidential candidate release any of that stuff.

    It is a distraction from important matters.

  6. PsychoDad says:

    re: gitarcarver

    Listen (untrag, about 90% of this vacuous sock puppet’s campaign was predicated on what a genius he was. Oh he’s so smart! O he’s such a scholar! Put up or STFU.

    I don’t know if this makes me an ignorant Birther like Donald Trump, but I think there has to be something terribly fishy with the actual birth certificate to warrant spending 2 million bucks to keep it buried.

    Let me tell ya something else, di(kbreath, last year I took my son to the DMV for his permit. From the folder of family paperwork, instead of his birth certificate, he had taken, yes, you guessed it, a “Certification of Live Birth.” My son and I were informed that in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a certificate of birth is INADEQUATE to get a motor vehicle learner’s permit. It MUST be an actual birth certificate, with raised seal and authorised signature.

    Do you hear that? There is a higher standard for getting a learner’s permit in Massachusetts than for swearing in a president in DC.

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