UN “Concerned” About Ivory Coast Massacres

Say, when are we going to intervene in Cote D’Ivoire? Wouldn’t this simply be a humanitarian mission?

The UN secretary general has urged Ivory Coast’s internationally-backed president to investigate hundreds of deaths blamed partly on his supporters.

Ban Ki-moon said he was “concerned and alarmed” about the reports, from the town of Duekoue, but Alassane Ouattara said his followers were not involved.

UN forces are now guarding thousands of civilians taking refuge at a church.

Well, let’s see: we’re involved in Libya, which exports 1.542 million barrels of oil a day, placing them 15th on the world wide list. Sucks to be Cote D’Ivoire, which only exports 115,700 barrels a day, placing them 64th. But, hey, what about the tapioca? No worries, Ivory Coastans, Ki-moon is “concerned and alarmed.”

Mr. Obama’s only comment on the situation was “Crap!..

double bogey!”

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4 Responses to “UN “Concerned” About Ivory Coast Massacres”

  1. The Electoral Commission is the body that organizes the elections and they declared Ouatara the winner. The constituti¬onal council does not organize elections and is full of Gbagbo’s cronies. Gbagbo lost by 8 points and he has to do the honorable thing by stepping down.

  2. Trish says:

    Concerned? Ho hum. Pass the butter.
    They’d be outraged, if the dead Christians were muslims. Obama would bomb whomever killed a thousand muslims, and the UN would be on his side.

  3. Got that right, Trish. Or, if a Koran was burned or flushed. They they’d be outraged and Demand Action (always have to write the first letter of each word in caps when discussing liberals.)

  4. I don’t think France’s action has much to do with the UN or anything such. The fact was that there was a modus Vivendi between France on one side and both Gbagbo and Ouattara on the other side. More or less, France would not engage its forces on either side and would remain neutral as long French citizens and interests in Ivory Coast were left alone and safe. The point was that France would not tolerate a repeat of the 2004 events. It pretty much held well but Gbagbo out of control thugs broke that “agreement” in the past couple of days and France is sending Gbagbo the bill, one rocket at a time.

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