Oh, Good, Interpol Just Noticed The Large Number Of Jihadi Websites

Perhaps they should have been following The Jawa Report and others involved in smacking down jihadi websites. They might have realized this a bit earlier. Because it’s not like sites such as Youtube, WordPress.org, Blogspot, Facebook, MySpace, as well as most hosting sites have terms and conditions that preclude actually hosting them

The chief of Interpol says the “skyrocketing” number of extremist websites is making it easier for terrorists to recruit middle class youth around the world.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble says terrorist recruiters are exploiting the Web to target vulnerable young people who are “not on the radar of law enforcement.”

He says fighting this kind of terrorist recruitment is especially difficult because viewing websites is not necessarily criminal.

But, it is illegal in all the first world nations for companies to knowingly host terrorist related websites, yet, it is very difficult for anyone to get them removed, even when invoking the actual government statutes, not to mention the previously mentioned T&Cs. Instead of complaining about it, they should be putting out directives to hosting companies to take notice of what is being hosted. Certainly, they know and monitor. Heck, when I created the Re-Change 2010 CafePress site, someone contacted me within a week telling me they had removed a water bottle because the manufacturer doesn’t want political material on the product.

Granted, the number of sites has skyrocketed. Perhaps if government and Interpol did a little smacking down of hosting sites, they would be more diligent. But, hey, they are more worried about the illegal downloading of music and movies.

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