Hey, You Remember How The AGW Protest In England Was Going To Be Peaceful?

‘Memba this from way in the past, er, Saturday?

The activists have warned of a range of “non violent” protests throughout the city over the coming days with “satellite” actions by offshoot groups in surrounding areas.

Last night, organisers for the Camp for Climate Action praised the “non-violent” protest action.

Yeah, about that

Two women have been arrested after climate change protesters attacked the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) Edinburgh headquarters on Sunday.

More than 100 protesters took part in the action, which also involved an oil-like substance being thrown at the building and windows being smashed.

Golf balls were also apparently thrown at the building, the Press Association reported.

Actually, I suppose, considering they are liberals, and are throwing around phrases like “climate criminals” and “greedy pigs bankrolling the climate crisis”, this could be considered peaceful by their standards.

I told ya this would all end well. And, they are just getting started.

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4 Responses to “Hey, You Remember How The AGW Protest In England Was Going To Be Peaceful?”

  1. jon-paul says:

    Dear Mr. Teach:

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge or otherwise lack of multiple blog technologies but what is the relationship between The Pirates Cove and Stop the ACLU? I am in awe of both sites; I just decided I’d ask. Thanking you in advance,


    • Morning! Thanks for asking, Jon-Paul. The Pirates Cove is all mine. Stop The ACLU is owned by someone else, who goes by Jay, who controls STACLU, and has invited a bunch of other bloggers to cross-post their material. He started it a few years ago, unfortunately, those of us who are co-writers tend to write about other than the ACLU, as of late.

  2. Carlung says:

    Just a small pointTeach, Edinburgh is in Scotland! Like saying Vancouver is in America! Cheers, keep up the good work. Carlung

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