Right Wing News: The 25 Greatest Figures In American History

Over at Right Wing News, we have Bloggers Select The 25 Greatest Figures In American History, of which I was a part of. Though, I did want John to publish a spoof version first, just to snap some liberal and weenie conservative panties

Anyhow, it is an excellent list, which, I’m sure, some people will have a problem with. My picks are below the fold, in no particular order:

  • Ronald Reagan – nuff said
  • Abraham Lincoln – saved the Union, freed the slaves
  • George Washington – the Father of the country, etc
  • Ben Franklin – dude was the go to guy for almost everything
  • Douglas MacArthur – won a few, lost a few, but, always said “America is great, don’t mess with us”
  • Lewis And Clark – two of the more notable true American adventurers
  • Will Rogers – stood tall as a proud American at all times
  • Audie Murphy – this 5’5″ 100 pound dynamo made Rambo look like a p*ssy
  • Babe Ruth – the greatest baseball player of all time, made the game our national pastime
  • Bill Gates – your reading this on a mass produce computer, probably a Windows machine, right?
  • Clint Eastwood – a quintessential American actor, epitomizing the “don’t f*ck with Americans” attitude
  • Frederick Douglas – abolitionist, supporter of women voting, worked for equal rights, and more
  • Henry Ford – even Climate Creationists drive cars. One of the defining inventions of all time
  • John Glenn – Decorated Naval pilot of two wars, supersonic flights, first American to circle the Earth in space, great politician
  • Lucille Ball – really, did anyone do more for women in entertainment than her? Beloved by all Americans
  • Muhammed Ali – larger than life
  • Susan B. Anthony – women’s rights and voting rights
  • Wright Brothers – first real powered flight
  • Walt Disney – he told Americans “Dream Big!”
  • Bob Hope – the work this man has done for our troops during his life is immeasurable
  • John Wayne – bigger than life, brash, the ultimate version of an American male

And, yes, there were many who didn’t make it. Really, America has so many great figures, it is hard to choose. How about Alvin York? Mark Twain? MLK? Thomas Jefferson? Jackie Robinson and guys like Branch Rickey and Leo Durocher? The list at RWN is excellent.

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8 Responses to “Right Wing News: The 25 Greatest Figures In American History”

  1. captainfish says:

    How about John Wayne?
    How about Will Rogers?
    How about Buddy Holly?
    How about Weird Al?

  2. John Ryan says:

    well let’s see
    Reagan he was the POTUS most responsible for giving the radical islamists billions to fight the Russians and get them thrown out of Afghanistan. I wish they were still there and that it was their problem
    Abraham Lincoln a notable liberal and progressive and a Republican
    Douglas McArthur probably never ate any cold K or C rations in his life.
    Bill Gates ??? anyone who knows programming knows Apple has always been more elegant and more robust
    Fredrick Douglas was hated by social conservatives. Interestingly enough Cheney bought as a 4th residence the house where Douglas was often whipped bloody.
    Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. Nor did he invent the assembly line. He was a great admirer of Hitler and the Ford Motor factories in France and Germany which made German Army trucks were never bombed byt he American bombers many of which were built in factories owned by Ford. He also paid a high income tax of 80% as did ALL the top American earners. Didn’t seem to hold him back from working hard and earning more.
    Muhammad Ali Muslim. Often accused of being a communist and deeply HATED by the right wing
    Lucille Ball was an admitted communist also deeply hated by the rightwing
    Susan B Anthony also hated by social conservatives for her shockingly loberal views on votes for women

  3. captainfish says:

    Wow, John. You must be a product of public education system. So very wrong and so very often. But, the fact that the people you admire most are avid Communists speaks volumes of where your morals lie.

  4. Damn, John, but you are never a happy bunny, are you? Is there anything you won’t bitch about?

    Tell you what, how about you putting up your 20 Best Americans?

  5. irontomflint says:

    WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Not one stinking mention of THE greatest president and the polar oppsosite of FDR! Of course I’m talking about Theodore Roosevelt. Now there was a REAL American!

    He fought debilating disease as a young lad, went out west and worked as a REAL F’ing cowboy, became a politician, fought in the Spanish American war, STARTED the Federal Parks system, secured the rights to build the PANAMA CANAL!! And he did this while wearing PINCE-NEZ eyeglasses and traveling around the fricken world killing various and sundry wild animals and writing a bunch of books!

    I mean, they carved his image on Mt. Rushmore! The only twentieth century President too, I might add!
    I defy anyone to match up ANYONE else that even comes close to being that kind of American… Wayne, Eastwood and Reagan EMULATED T.R. they showed others what Americans ought to be like, both on and off the stage.

    Babe Ruth…PUH-LEEZ!!

  6. captainfish says:

    Progressive Teddy?
    “Progressive Theodore Roosevelt summed up eugenicist theory: “Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce.” Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the famous opinion upholding Virginia’s decision to sterilize a woman named Carrie Buck: “Three generations of imbeciles,” he averred, “are enough.””

    Teddy and the horrible New Deal?

    Nah, don’t think so. You want someone better? Check out Calvin Coolidge. He knew the role of the Feds and KNEW what to do during a downturn of the economy. Slash Gov’t.

  7. TR was a tough guy, and a mostly good president, and, if memory serves, he was responsible for creating the federal parks system, but, I did have to leave him off the list for some of his more extreme views. Plus, couldn’t have everybody!

    As for Babe Ruth, I did not want the list to be solely about politics.

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