When Conservatives Bloggers Go Bat Guano Crazy Over A Freakin’ List

Apparently, John Hawkins’ Conservative Bloggers Select The 25 Worst Figures In American History has drive a few conservatives a bit loopy. First, there is the usually reliable Jim Geraghty, who writes

I can’t believe conservative bloggers put a bunch of garden-variety Democratic politicians so high, when asked to compile a list of the Worst Figures in American History.

See, here’s what happened: John emailed and asked blogs to “email me back an unranked list of 1-20 of the worst figures in American history. The figures in question can be living or dead and keep in mind, you don’t have to send me 20 of them. If you can only come up with a few, that’s fine.” We all had our lists, they were compliled, and ranked according to the number of times they appear on a list, which is how people like Jane Fonda and Michael Moore make the list, and John Walker Lindh and Robert Hansenn did not make it into the finals (FYI, Lindh was on my list).

And then we come to Rick Moran, who seems to slowly traveling the same unhinged bat shit crazy roads as Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan. He can’t simply disagree, oh, no, that would be too easy (and normal for Rick, as he seems to spend more time disagreeing and insulting conservatives than anything else, anymore). Instead, we get


Well, perhaps not all 43 of this list of conservative bloggers that John Hawkins polled to get “The Top 25 Worst Americans.” After all, we don’t know who voted Barack Obama on to that list over, say, Jeffrey Dahmer. The serial killing cannibal was not on the list of 25 worst Americans which either means he didn’t get enough votes or most conservative bloggers enjoy “liva and faaaaahva beans with a nice keyanti.”

After which, Rick goes full on blogosphere pussy and lists the participating bloggers without the benefit of a link.

And what did all that 10 Watt brainpower come up with?

And still no links. Look, this is rather inside baseball, regarding the blogosphere, but, if you are going to reference another blog/blogger, you give a link. That’s the code of the ‘Sphere. If one wants, one can play games with the links. Media Matters does this where they have a script that gives the “link hit” to themselves, and it redirects to the site. It’s a ranking thing. I often use a little script from Basil in which he gets the “link” before the redirect to the actual site. So, at least the site/blogger being talked about gets the traffic. Unfortunately, Rick has decided to forgo that bit of courtesy. Shocker! Especially since he further pussied out and closed all comments.

The full list of those asked is: 101 Dead Armadillos, Argghhhh!, Basil’s Blog, Cold Fury, Conservative Compendium, The Dana Show, DANEgerus Weblog, Dodgeblogium, Cara Ellison, Exurban League, Fausta’s Blog, Freeman Hunt, GraniteGrok, House of Eratosthenes, Infidels Are Cool, IMAO, Jordan Woodward, Moe Lane, Mean Ol’ Meany, The Liberal Heretics, Midnight Blue, Pirate’s Cove, Nice Deb, Pundit Boy, Professor Bainbridge, Pursuing Holiness.com, Liz Mair, Moonbattery, mountaineer musings, No Oil For Pacifists, No Runny Eggs, Right View from the Left Coast, Russ. Just Russ, Say Anything, Don Singleton, The TrogloPundit, The Underground Conservative, This Ain’t Hell, The Virtuous Republic, Vox Popoli, WILLisms, Wintery knight, YidwithLid

See? It really wasn’t that hard to simply copy and paste, now, was it?

More: mean ol’ meany and Dodgeblogium take Moran to task, as well.

The Troglopundit has an interesting list, with interesting explanations. And cheesecake.

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8 Responses to “When Conservatives Bloggers Go Bat Guano Crazy Over A Freakin’ List”

  1. Dave says:

    Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy don’t belong on that list, if the scale of their impact means anything. Obama (for instance) has already hurt far more people than Dahmer and Bundy, and his impact will last for generations.

  2. I had Hanssen on mine. Man, I glad someone else has started comparing Moran to Johnson. I am nobody. Thanks much.

  3. Nice Deb says:

    I chose a lot of of the people that made the list, plus some assassins, mass murderers, a spy, (Alger Hiss), etc., that didn’t make the list. I tried to mix it up a little.

    Obviously, the names that made the top 20, were the ones that occurred the most frequently, but I’m sure most of the others had other historical villains on their lists, too.

    I’m not sure why should it surprise anyone that a bunch of political bloggers would be thinking primarily of political figures…

    I’ve met Rick Moran and he’s a very decent, affable guy in person.

    However, I do think he enjoys the role of contrarian.

  4. Basil says:

    I think the comparison to Charles Johnson might be a little bit off. Johnson didn’t slowly go crazy. He was crazy all along. Read his early stuff. He just went pro-Bush after September 11, then, over the years, settled back into his comfort zone.

  5. You’re welcome, Paul.

    I’ve followed and read Rick for a long time, and, I still have him on me feedreader, as he will write some interesting things. And, you are correct, Deb, he does seem to enjoy the role of contrarian. Mostly, he seems to take issue with just about everything Republican and Conservative over the past year or so.

    True, Basil, true. He hid his true Progressive beliefs for years, then went back to normal. Most folks didn’t really know about them, though, which was what I was going for. Probably would have been better to say John Cole at Balloon Juice, but, not many would have understood the reference.

  6. Lagwolf says:

    Actually I chat to Rick and like the guy. But I thought what he said was over the line so I took him to task for it. And yeah it was classless to not both linking to all of us.

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