Are We A Nation Of Haters? The Hypocrisy Edition

Over at AOL, Noah Blumenthal turns around and bites himself in the tuchus – Opinion: We’re Becoming a Nation of Haters

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa takes pride in opposing the Obama administration. Democratic Reps. Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi played that role when George W. Bush was in office. Keith Olbermann provides a nightly list of “Worst Persons in the World,” a personal hate list as much as anything. And Rush Limbaugh’s hate rants range from drug addicts to illegal immigrants to, of course, all things liberal. The BP oil disaster spawned hate ranging from The Wall Street Journal to

First of all, Issa is not hating. He is opposing. I bet Waxman and Pelosi thought the same thing of themselves. Hey, politics is a tough business, Noah, toughen up that skin. That said, his whole article is about not wanting haters, yet, he sure seems to be hating on them, particularly Rush, calling what he says rants (not exactly positive language), and throwing a jab at him for his past drug addiction.

That said, Noah’s blog is actually pretty interesting, and has some good advice. But, he should stay out of political writing.

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One Response to “Are We A Nation Of Haters? The Hypocrisy Edition”

  1. Otter says:

    My best friend is, unfortunately, Progressive. It took a long time but I finally understood why he was always talking about ‘hate’ when all I was ever doing was trying to inform him of the Truth of the things we spoke about.

    Emotion Trumps Reason.

    He is, thank God, NOT a LIAR like ‘lil johnnie. btw, ‘lil lIAR johnnie, we are Still waiting for that link to absolute Proof that ‘thousands’ died when the levee in NO burst.

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