Shocker! Conservatives More Patriotic Than Liberals

And, by shocker, I mean I gave serious consideration to whether I even wanted to write a post on this poll. I don’t write about water being wet, do I?

Conservatives are more than twice as likely as liberals to express very strong patriotism, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll in which 48 percent of conservatives said they were “extremely patriotic,” but only 19 percent of liberals made that claim.

Well, come one, patriotism boils down to love of country, and which group is continuously trying to change America into France Greece? Which side continuously gripes about how mean America is, about every problem being caused, home and abroad, because of what America stands for? Which group is more likely to salute the flag? Heck, which group had a presidential candidate who had to be goaded into wearing a flag pin and saluting the flag as he ran for President?

Now, CNS News makes a big deal out of using the word “extremely,” as it may possibly be some sort of negative, but, here is an interesting breakdown from the second page of the Gallup link

Eighty seven percent of Conservatives are extremely/very patriotic, 41% of liberals are very patriotic, and a whopping 38% of liberals really couldn’t give a rat’s butt about this country.

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6 Responses to “Shocker! Conservatives More Patriotic Than Liberals”

  1. Lee Thomas says:

    From the Progressive Magazine. Very few can deny any longer that this president is a progressive.

    :::Nationalism is the egg that hatches fascism. And patriotism is but the father of nationalism.:::Matthew Rothschild

    There is ample evidence in the progressive movements own writings and actions that being patriotic is EVIL.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach do you consider yourself to be very patriotic ?

  3. John Ryan says:

    Teach women tend to vote more liberal than men, as do Blacks and Jews. Are these solid libs groups that you hate ?

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  5. Statistical validation of what everyone already knew. Liberals love their country like wife beaters love their wives.

  6. Yes, John, I love my country, faults and all. How about you? Are you very patriotic? Do you love your country? (crickets or deflection in 3…2….1….)

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