Friday “Where’s Teach?” Awesome (1 Image)

Yeah, I totally missed yesterday. Had a bunch in the bucket, never got time during the day to create the post. I hope this makes up for it. As far as where’s Teach?

I made the serious mistake of downloading Duke Nukem 3D for my iPhone. Then I wanted it on my PC, just for old time sh*ts and giggles. Guess what? There are high def conversion packs for the originals, which I still had sitting in a drawer from when I used to be a big gamer (if you want monster cool, get ahold of Morrowind.) I’m run through all 4 episodes from the Atomic edition, played Duke It Out In DC, now I am working my way through Life’s A Beach.

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3 Responses to “Friday “Where’s Teach?” Awesome (1 Image)”

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  2. Kevin says:

    Looking at that photo, I’m wondering, who CARES where Teach is!?

  3. Unfortunately, I do not have an emoticon where it is sticking its tongue out or flipping you off

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