DHS Too Chicken To Release Another “Blame The Righties” Report?

Newsweek had the late Friday news drop, which, so far, seems to have been ignored. Pretty much like Newsweek to start with, but, that is a different story: Is Homeland Security Wary About Reporting on Right-Wing Extremists?

Despite a recent upsurge in threats and violence by far-right groups and loners, the Homeland Security Department appears gun-shy about reporting or monitoring the trend too closely. Domestic security and counterterrorism officials say that even though, in light of recent events, a controversial report issued a year ago by Homeland Security about a “resurgence” in far-right radicalization and recruitment appears well informed, if not prescient, the Department has done nothing to re-issue the report or update it.

Of course, the writer, Mark Hosenball, is referring to the report that pretty much deemed anyone on the Right, including our military, as extremists. After being beaten senseless with the Cluebat of Reality, DHS backed off. Hey, nothing like smearing half the country, eh?

……But as we reported here last year, Napolitano also indicated that the report would be “replaced or redone in a much more useful and much more precise fashion.”

Napolitano has not followed through on that, however, even though recent news events—including the crashing of a plane into an IRS office in Texas by a tax protestor, a torrent of threats against Congressional leaders, and the takedown of the bizarre but well-connected Hutaree militia (whose membership, as we noted here, included former U.S. military personnel)—have substantially vindicated Homeland Security’s judgments of last year. Asked why the department hasn’t updated the report or produced a fresh take on evidence about potentially threatening far-right activity, Homeland Security spokesman Sean Smith told Declassified: “The recent arrests and incidents have provided local law enforcement on the front lines more than enough reminder to be vigilant to the threats from violent extremism.”

Except, Joe Stack, the Texas plane bomber, was a far end lefty. There were threats by those on the left against Republicans, and the first person arrested was a liberal. The guy who went nuts and shot up the Pentagon was a lefty. At least one of the Hutaree nuts was a registered Democrat voter.

The fact is, yes, there are some extremists on the right, however, these are people on the far, far, far, far right, people that us regular Conservatives, the Moderate Republicans, the squishy Republicans, and the RINO’s want absolutely nothing to do with, and ask them to just go away. Those on the Left embrace their nutters and extol them. Or, just claim they are on the right.

Going over to Michelle Malkin’s site to see if she had anything on this, I see she mentioned the report back on the 14th.

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5 Responses to “DHS Too Chicken To Release Another “Blame The Righties” Report?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Joe Stack was anti government. The left wants MORE government the right does not, Teach the ultra hard left don’t carry guns

  2. John Ryan says:

    The next thing you will be trying to pass off is that Tim McVeigh was a leftie

  3. John Ryan says:

    drom wiki his suicide noten the suicide note, “he begins by expressing displeasure with the government, the bailout, politicians, the conglomerate companies of General Motors, Enron and Arthur Andersen, the unions, the drug and health care insurance companies, and the Catholic Church.”
    criticizing unions seems like a righty thing, thehe didn’t like the bailout like most Republicans and he was even anti Catholic like the traditional hard right

  4. Otter says:

    ‘the ultra hard left don’t carry guns’

    ‘lil johnnies actually got that one right!

    …but he neglected to mention that they hire thugs who DO carry guns, and that they are furious that it is taking so long to Enslave the human race to their will.

  5. gitarcarver says:

    Joe Stack was anti government.

    So is Bill Ayers.

    John can’t wrap his head around the fact that hundreds of thousands of people march and organize peacefully at Tea Party rallies while leftist marches at the Republican convention, the G20 Summit, the Climate Conference in Copenhagen, etc were all violent resulting in injuries to innocent people and the destruction of property.

    The difference right now is that the Right disavows people such as Joe Stack. His manifesto and suicide note resembles nothing one sees from the Tea Party movement. The right believes in taking back America by the ballot box. Ryan and those on the left believe in taking power by enslaving people and using violent means to keep them huddling in the corner.

    Ryan, on the other hand, pulls an ostrich and denies that the left has ever done anything violent in history. Furthermore, he embraces those who have created violence and un-apologetically wishes for more violence.

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