Just Beware (19 Images)

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8 Responses to “Just Beware (19 Images)”

  1. manbearpig says:

    mmmm, that last one is sooooooo right!

  2. Had to add one hotty 🙂

  3. captainfish says:

    ….. so predictable.

    … so likable.
    (hahahaha.. spell check says that spelling is correct, but looks like lick-able. Yet, this word too is also correct.. unlikeable. go figure)

  4. Well done, William.

    I have been taking a lot of flak for my new messenger bag, so the “Beware: Guys with Purses” is one pic I hope my co-workers don’t find.

  5. Well, a messenger bag should be a-ok. It’s those little ones, like in that Progressive insurance commercial. Yuck!

  6. Heh, you don’t know the guys I work with.

    To them, it’s a purse. And everyone one of them has seen “The Hangover.”

  7. captainfish says:

    sorry guys, but any bag over the shoulder that is designed to hang between the arm and body, and is in the shape of a woman’s purse……

    … is a purse.

  8. esoteric says:

    This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

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