Partisan Hack Obama Spends 6 Minutes Demonizing Media And Opponents

Remember a few days ago when the media said Barry was going to ramp up the patisan attacks? Remember this morning when a new poll said 56% said Captain Chump was a partisan Democrat hack? Remember a time when POTUS was the head of the country, the leader of all Americans, not a partisan attack dog perpetually on the campaign trail pulling an Olberman? Yeah, about that, via Hot Air from Right Scoop, six minutes of Mr. Wonderful demonizing American’s who do not agree with him

Right Scoop has the transcript, if you can’t stand listening TOTUS feed lines to President Neophyte.

Bloodthirsty Liberal has more.

Somewhat related, Dan Riehl has video of Rep. Phi Hare (Dickhead-Il) saying he doesn’t worry about the Constitution.

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One Response to “Partisan Hack Obama Spends 6 Minutes Demonizing Media And Opponents”

  1. BHO’s arrogance is insufferable!

    How can anybody like this guy? Sheesh.

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