Say, How’d Those Coffee Party’s Go?

Ok, Ok, they are just getting started, but, really, does anyone think this is going to be more than some lefties being organized to sit around and drink coffee? I sincerely hope they go decaf: last thing we need is deranged liberals still spouting on about Booooooosh, Iraq, blah blah blah, while caffeinating up in the afternoon. Alex Pappas from the Daily Caller pops in on one

This weekend marks the kick-off of the Coffee Parties across the country— which has been billed as the liberal response to the Tea Party movement — and I stopped by one of the Washington D.C. area gatherings Saturday morning at Peregrine Espresso in the Eastern Market area — only to find a small gathering of five activists huddled at a small table.

In Kansas City, they garnered 40. As I was on my way to Cary to pick up contacts, I popped in to the one at Cup Of Joe in Raleigh, and I saw maybe 6, which looked more like some college kids just waking up from a hard night of drinking. NC State U is right around the corner. But, hey, don’t say any of these folks are unhinged and deranged barking moonbats or something. Interestingly, one must register to see the comments. They wouldn’t be doing something like email gathering, would they?

Good luck searching the news for more stories about the attendance, though they will surely be spun positively. Not many out there. But, hey, that silly TEA Party only garnered a couple thousand at the Minnesota capital to kill the bill.

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