AGW Today: 50 States With Snow?

From the DWIC (Department of Weather Isn’t Climate)

An Oklahoma forecaster is predicting an unusual weather phenomenon — snow on the ground in all 50 states at the same time.

Patrick Marsh, who works at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s National Severe Storms Laboratory, says a winter storm passing through the southern U.S. Thursday and early Friday is predicted to leave measureable snowfall in the Deep South, including parts of the Florida Panhandle.

He says he’s unsure if such a weather phenomenon has ever occurred before. A spokesman for the National Climatic Data Center didn’t immediately return messages left Thursday.

I’d bet that it occurred during the Little Ice Age. And, yes, weather is not climate. Weather does create the climate, though. Climate is the long term averages of …… weather. And, just like I am skeptical that the warming trend over the past 150 years is mostly, or solely, Mankind’s fault (extremely skeptical), I am also skeptical that we are jumping into a 2-3 decades long cooling trend. Time will tell.

That said, these kinds of snow storms were something that the climate alarmists said wouldn’t happen. Heck, the southern part of North Carolina have a better shot of snow than the northern part. Raleigh could get a dusting to 2 inches, while points below Raleigh could get 1-3 inches. (I’m setting this up for autopost for the afternoon, therefore, that info could change from 10am.) Of course, in the world of AGW, everything is caused by AGW, so, you driving your SUV is causing this.

What does it say when almost every single day this year in Raleigh has had a high temperature that is below the daily high average? 10 of 31 days in January were a bit above the monthly average (climate!). On 12 days, the daily low was below the average low temperature. For February, every day is below average (you can use Weather Underground to see your own location.) Looking at my iPhone app, the 15 day outlook has Raleigh below average for high temps every day, through the 26th. And below the average low temps on every day but one.

Weather happens. As weather is long term, climate happens. We can do little about it. Why not spend our time, and money, dealing with what we can effect, such as creating cleaner landfills (one of the biggest real contributors to greenhouse output by Mankind, the other being agriculture), and dealing with real issues with clean air, land, and sea? Climate change is not a real environmental issue. Land use, clean air, water, and land is. Save the coral from dirty water, not warming water.

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One Response to “AGW Today: 50 States With Snow?”

  1. TFMo says:

    Snowed for more than 24 hours, dropping up to a foot in some places. IN DALLAS. Third snow of the season.

    Al Gore can kiss my ENTIRE ASS.

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