How Did The Cable News Channels Deal With Coakley And Brown Speeches?

Something I noticed last night regarding Scott Brown’s victory speech. I knew Fox News carried it all, but, every time I flipped to CNN it seemed to be in commercial, including his closing, and MSNBC had the video, but the audio was some lunatic hack who used to be pretty good as a sports news guy yammering and losing his mind with other far lefties. Let’s see it in graph

Just don’t say the left wing outlets are biased, because that would be mean, or raaaaacist or something.

Via The Jawa Report from johnny dollar’s place.

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One Response to “How Did The Cable News Channels Deal With Coakley And Brown Speeches?”

  1. Even when their candidate loses the two Commie Networks still overload to the left. And Fox was totally impartial as to bring the viewer the ability to make his/her own decision. Me? I would never have voted for one who is the presumptive heir. I did get the term correct didn’t I? Presumptive Heir to the throne of the fat, drunken murderer.

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