National Counterterrorism Center Director Gets Solid B+ For Skiing After Crotchbomer Attempt

Quick. Someone just tried to blow up a US bound airplane on Christmas, and you are the head honcho with the National Counterterrorism Center. Do you A. cut your vacation short and rush to office in Virginia, B. head to the FBI office or a military base near where you are skiing, C. say screw it all, and not let something like a little jihadism get in the way of having a good time?

The top official in charge of analyzing terror threats did not cut short his ski vacation after the underwear bomber nearly blew up an airliner on Christmas Day, the Daily News has learned.

Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center since 2007, decided not to return to his agency’s “bat cave” nerve center in McLean, Va., until several days after Christmas, two U.S. officials said.

I guess the system worked. But, it gets better

“People have been grumbling that he didn’t let a little terrorism interrupt his vacation,” said one of the sources

Yeah, because the guy took a position, and, like most in the Obama admin, doesn’t take it seriously.

Leiter’s spokesman declined to say when the terror-center chief returned to Washington and fully retook the helm of his analysis agency, which is near CIA headquarters just outside the nation’s capital.

Well, we wouldn’t want to expose the sheer incompetence and utter lack of interest in dealing with man caused disasters, right? If the elected GOP officials are not out there ripping this guy and Obama to shreds Friday and beyond, they do not deserve to win. Make sure you email your GOP critter ASAP.

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BTW, I’m thinking of adding a new category, Rank Incompetence, but, might that not be redundant, when I use the Obama category?

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One Response to “National Counterterrorism Center Director Gets Solid B+ For Skiing After Crotchbomer Attempt”

  1. Otter says:

    He wasn’t really skiing, Teach.

    For one, the Earth is warming up and there can’t Possibly be any snow.

    Next, he Must have actually been out there seeking advice from BSr or realsick.

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