Babs Boxer Calls For ClimateGate Criminal Investigation

But, if you think she wants to go after the folks who have pushed junk science on the world, um, no

Leaked e-mails allegedly undermining climate change science should be treated as a criminal matter, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Wednesday afternoon.

Boxer, the top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said that the recently released e-mails, showing scientists allegedly overstating the case for climate change, should be treated as a crime.

“You call it ‘Climategate’; I call it ‘E-mail-theft-gate,'” she said during a committee meeting. “Whatever it is, the main issue is, Are we facing global warming or are we not? I’m looking at these e-mails, that, even though they were stolen, are now out in the public.”

As Ace has been putting it for a long time, when a leak helps the democrats, it is about getting the information released. Venture back to all the national security leaks during the Bush admin. Venture back to the hacking of the the Palin’s email accounts. No complaints from the Dems then, eh? But, if the leak hurts the Democrats, well, it must be criminal, and any belief in whistle-blowing goes right out the door.

Are we facing global warming? Sure, if you want to use the word to describe what has been mostly, or solely, a natural process, which has been going on for the life of the Earth, and the current warming period has been going on since the end of a cooling period. If you want to use the term to describe it be all Mankind’s fault, then, no, not as such. If you do believe it is Mankind’s fault, well, you have drunk so deeply at the kool aid bar that nothing will help you.

Speaking of ClimateGate, Nice Deb points out that the major networks are acting like the Three Wise Monkeys.

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5 Responses to “Babs Boxer Calls For ClimateGate Criminal Investigation”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    I took great pleasure this morning looking through your archives; reading your headlines; and sauntering through some of posts that grabbed my special attention.

    I remember you once questioned whether to continue covering AGW and arguing against the lies we’ve been fed. You’ve been a great source of info I’ve used in my personal life dispelling the attacks to our position on this scam.

    You’ve been a true believer all along and I thank you for all your efforts.

    Just one question, Teach: Think we’ll be hearing much from John Ryan any more?

  2. Maggie Mama says:

    P.S. Boxer is twit #2 coming in just behind San Fran Nan …. must be all the marijuana in the California air they breath.

  3. Trish says:

    Johnny has been conspicuously missing for over a week it seems, I really do hope he’s okay.

    Babs is a moron, and as you say, when a leak is good for a liberal and takes down a right leaning cause or person, it’s not a crime, but when it’s bad for their agenda, it is very bad and must be punished.
    There has been such a double standard for so many years, that people are not even shocked by the behavior, and expect it.
    I like the three monkeys analogy; the networks will wait for their cue from the DNC, Holdren, or Al Gore, before they will respond- if they ever do. It is AMAZing, how complicit they are and how they keep their supposed “newscast” status. They ought to be all considered talk shows ala Oprah. She may actually be MORE informative!

  4. StB says:

    Using Boxer’s logic, a citizen would be arrested for discovering crimes are being committed by their neighbor because they looked over a fence or kept an eye on them because they could tell something was wrong.

  5. Thanks, Maggie! I appreciate the kind words.

    Trish and Maggie, I’m not sure where John is. Haven’t seen him in a few weeks. Strange. I hope he is OK.

    StB, they’d only be arrested if they voted R, of course. If they voted D, then they are OK.

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