Arizona Moves To Protect Residents From ObamaCare

It appears as if the spirit of the 9th and 10th Amendments are alive and kicking in Arizona

Voters in Arizona will decide next year whether residents will be subject to mandates in the pending health care reform that President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are promoting.

At least five other states – Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming – have considered proposals to take pre-emptive action against the pending federal mandates, but those proposals have either not made it out of committee, failed to get enough votes from one side of the legislature, or are still being crafted.

Only the Arizona Legislature introduced an initiative (HCR2014), which if passed, would amend the state constitution to codify that no resident would be required to participate in any public health care option. Arizonans will vote on the initiative in November 2010.

Good for them, but, I suspect it could end up in a Supreme Court showdown with any federal legislation, which is certain to include language similar to what ended up in the House cap and tax bill, which, in Section 189(a)(2) made it clear that any State law could be ignored.

Related, 19 Democrat House members have sent a letter telling Nancy Pelosi to leave abortion measures out of ObamaCare.

“Plans to mandate coverage for abortions, either directly or indirectly (are) unacceptable,” they wrote.

Also, many small companies are dropping electronic medical records due to the cost, as well as functionality and training issues. Of course, Obama wants all records to be electronic, so, surely his plan will tax the rich to pay for this, right? We all know why he wants all the records on-line, though, and it isn’t to decrease costs or anything.

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3 Responses to “Arizona Moves To Protect Residents From ObamaCare”

  1. Ellen K says:

    I hope Rick Perry down here in Texas is paying attention, because once the costs leak out for this boondoggle Obamacare, this WILL be one of the leading campaign issues. On my blog there is a link to a speech from La Raza stating the underground need for healthcare for illegal aliens. This is the key demographic that the Left seek to engage as lifetime voters. And as a border state, Texas is one of the state suffering the most from having to provide education, social services, and other federally mandated programs on the taxpayers’ dime. One question, while the DNC thinks illegals will jump at the chance to become citizens, why would they when that would mean THEY would have money taken from THEIR paychecks? Right now, many are paid under the table as undocumented workers. I doubt they really want to contribute when they can get all these services for free. Isn’t that why California is broke?

  2. Let’s hope Arizona is a portent of things to come. We would have a greater chance in our battle to preserve The Republic if we could fight back from the state level. We need state legislators to form Committees Of Correspondence to coordinate efforts. Perhaps, The Patrick Henry Caucus could be the forum for this—although the site appears not to be that active. However, its a good idea. Perhaps, we’ll find we can’t count on these elected officials to do the work, but its worth a shot. There’s always the TEA Party organizations.

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  3. Couldn’t agree more, Ellen and Bob. Hopefully more States will come to their senses, and use their constitutional rights.

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