What’s The Silliest Or Strangest Story You Can Find?

Friday! It’s Friday! Start of the weekend! Yay! Personally, I’m in no mood to be serious the rest of the day. I started writing a post regarding a story over at the Jerusalem Post (PA official: Abbas expects US pressure to push out Netanyahu) but my heart is just not in it. So, let’s silly it up, ratchet the furor down, and see what we can find. And just remember this next time you are eating in Britain

Demand growing for squirrel pie

A pest controller who has already helped to cull more than 22,000 grey squirrels in the North East is moving south to feed demand for squirrel pie.

Paul Parker, 45, from Newcastle, is part of a conservation group trying to rid areas of grey squirrels and preserve native reds.

Now he says demand for greys from top chefs means he needs to expand.

While there are some other weird stories out there, that’s my silliest (though Man wearing only a thong charged in burglary might do it), especially when you consider the photo. Exactly what is he doing? So, your turn: what’s the silliest or strangest story you can find that was published within the last few days?

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4 Responses to “What’s The Silliest Or Strangest Story You Can Find?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    how about the funny story about Obama not being born in the USA ?

  2. Come on, John, give me something silly or weird. No politics, though!

  3. manbearpig says:

    That would be a funny story if it weren’t true p-(

  4. My theory is that Obama was born in Hawaii, but was born earlier then he says, trying perhaps to cover for his mother having him out of wedlock.

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