Apparently, Some People Still Care About Obama’s Birth Certificate

I know some folks in the blogosphere, particularly some secret progressives (who are completely intolerant towards other opinions, and are getting very weird, paranoid, and fascist themselves, as highlighted by this comment caught by LGF2.0 ,) like to denigrate the birth certificate movement, and, I’ll be honest, it might be time to move on, but, many apparently do actually care about whether someone is actually Constitutionally eligible to be president of these here United States. Joseph Farah, WND’s editor and chief executive officer

“(Obama) is a guy who has no trouble turning over sensitive documents from previous administrations, but he still refuses to release for public view something seemingly so innocuous as his own birth certificate,” said Farah. “This is a double-standard wide enough to sail the Queen Mary 2 through. Statements like this need to be challenged by a vibrant and free press. And that’s what our ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ billboard campaign is all about.”

More than $35,000 has been raised in the first 72 hours of the national billboard campaign ($40K in the first 4 days) – and the first sign, an electronic one, is already up and online.

Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, said he’s calling it “the truth and transparency campaign.”

The money is being used to erect billboards around the country that ask a simple question: “Where’s the birth certificate?”

The first such sign to be posted under the 3-day-old campaign, a digital, electronic one, is up and online on Highway 165 in Ball, La. – the result of a donation by the owner. In addition, based on the heavy volume of financial donations in the first two days of the campaign, WND was able to commit to leasing two more standard billboards – one in Los Angeles and the other in Pennsylvania. It will take several weeks to get those billboards up because of the vinyl printing and shipping involved.

Of course, that kind of money is peanuts in comparison to what the Left can raise, but, then, trying to get conservatives together like that is like herding cats. We are just too much free spirits. So, $40k shows that folks actually do care.

Personally, I still take the position that Obama is eligible till proven not, but, again, why won’t he provide the actual BC? Not a certificate of live birth printed off in 2006, but a copy of what is sitting in the hospital’s records for all to see?

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