Guess How Dear Leader May Pay For His Health Care Plans?

If you guessed by taxing those who already have it, so he can provide it to illegals, those who do not want it, and the typical liberal grasshoppers, you’d have guessed correctly

Most people with job-based health insurance don’t think of their benefits as a form of income. But Uncle Sam might just change that.

Senators are considering limiting — but not eliminating — the tax-free status of employer-provided health benefits to help pay for President Barack Obama’s plan to provide coverage to 50 million uninsured Americans.

Employer-provided health insurance technically is considered part of workers’ compensation, but unlike wages, it is not taxed. The forgone revenue to the federal government amounts to about $250 billion a year.

Does this sound like the great Change you can believe in, folks who voted Obama? How does this jibe with the “no tax increases on those making $250K a year” promise? Starting to feel like someone blew smoke, or something even fouler, up your behinds during the election season?

I can bet that more companies will jump on the flex spending accounts type health plans quickly to reduce these taxes (and costs) for them and their employees, but, I’ll bet that the Democrats will find a way to consider how much the plans are worth and tax you on it. I’m on flex, so nothing comes out of my paycheck (I need to change so $20 a paycheck goes to the savings account. Been lazy) for health care, vision, dental, death and dismemberment, etc., but, there are still benefits worth about $10K a year from the company to tax me on.

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