Food For Thought: Waterboarding A War Crime?

How can waterboarding be a war crime, or, as is usually written at unhinged leftist sites, WAR CRIME!!!!!, against Islamic extremists, when the Left refuses to acknowledge that we are in a war against Islamic extremists?

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5 Responses to “Food For Thought: Waterboarding A War Crime?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    You are RIGHT on this Teach there are many conflicting and complex ideas on this. Better to appoint a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to see if any of the laws of the United States of America have been broken. I nominate “Bulldog” Fitzpatrick Historically Teach Democrats have been MUCH less apt to attempt to defend people from their own party who may have broken laws tahn the Republicans who all stepped up for Ney,Cunningham, Stevens, DeLay et al

  2. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    I was at The Robert J. Dole VAMC eye clinic this morning. While waiting to see the Doc, Fox News was on. It was showing a demonstration of “waterboarding” by some left wing, terrorists are good, bsket case supporters.
    Boys and Girls, I went through alot worse one fine day aboard USS Ranger. It was 28 December 1980 and we crossed the equator on our way to Mombasa, Kenya. I would like to take the above named scum through that experience as I went through it. And this was for the certificate, the service record entry and the simple pride of having crossed the line.
    Was it demeaning? Maybe it was but no-one really gave a rat’s ***. It ws the accomplishment.
    And if this doesn’t give perspective, what about those Special Ops and Aircrew personnel who go through SERE school.
    And then there was the old “Pink Belly”. I had two of them, no fun, trust me. But over and done with.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Glenn that was being done by your friends and shipmates. As for the simple pride of having crossed the line, sounds like someone needs a big hug to raise his self esteem The Inspector General of the CIA has previously stated that what was done to the detainees in waterboarding was nothing like what happens in sere
    “According to the IG Report, the CIA, at least initially, could not always distinguish detainees who had information but were successfully resisting interrogation from those who did not actually have information,” Bradbury wrote in his May 30, 2005, memo. “On at least one occasion, this may have resulted in what might be deemed in retrospect to have been the unnecessary use of enhanced techniques.

    “On that occasion,” Bradbury continued, “although the on-scene interrogation team judged Zubaydah to be compliant, elements within CIA Headquarters still believed he was withholding information . . . . At the direction of CIA headquarters, interrogators therefore used the waterboard one more time on Zubaydah.”

    Bradbury wrote that CIA headquarters dispatched officials to observe that waterboarding session. After that session, “these officials reported that enhanced techniques were no longer needed,” Bradbury wrote, citing the IG report
    Quoting from the IG report, Bradbury wrote, “The waterboard technique . . . was different from the technique described in the DOJ opinion and used in the SERE training . . . At the SERE school . . . the subject’s airflow is disrupted by the firm application of a damp cloth over the air passages; the interrogator applies a small amount of water to the cloth in a controlled manner. By contrast, the Agency interrogator . . . applied large volumes of water to a cloth that covered the detainee’s mouth and nose
    Waterboarding IS torture.and torture is great if all you want is a confession. In the past WHENEVR any one else used it it was called torture.
    The POTUS who passed on the Treaty that the United States Senate ratified saying that we would NEVER use torture was Ronald Reagan.

  4. beth says:

    And yet they have no problem ripping a baby into tiny pieces during a late term abortion. I do believe there are some synapses that don’t connect quite right in their tiny brains.

  5. Well, that would presuppose that their brains had evolved beyond amoeba stage 😀

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