Newest Carrie Prejean Photo A Fake?

The has posted another supposed “dirty” picture of Carrie Prejean, said woman wearing more clothes then the women in the window banners at Victoria’s Secret in malls across America (photo below the fold.) Unfortunately, it may be a fake, per Access Hollywood

But a rep for Prejean told Access Hollywood the photo is not her. The rep acknowledged that photo shows Prejean’s head, but that “it appears to have been Photoshopped.”

Quite frankly, photosphopping her head on to a nude body would go further. If the newest one is indeed a fake, probably done simply to try and embarrass her. Why a model would be embarrassed about showing less then on the runway during the swimsuit competition is beyond me to understand, but, then, the left really couldn’t care what she is wearing, they are just on their normal “hey, let’s attempt to personally destroy someone” kick.

Anyhow, RS McCain is discussing homophobia in relation to Carrie, smacking around TMZ for an article they did, and Jules Crittenden wants in on the action regarding McCain’s post on Marie Osmond’s lesbian daughter.

If I was true pirate scum, I’d probably usurp RS and google-bomb Carrie Prejean stripped, but, na, I’ll go with the previous one p-(

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8 Responses to “Newest Carrie Prejean Photo A Fake?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    The left ?? the left could care less about a beauty pageant. Beauty pageants are a tight wing knda thing really big in the sourg laughed at by the bluest states.If she loses her crown it will because she offended the tight wing which has always been anti sex. The pageant will do so because they wish to keep the idea of the ideal woman pure, AND she lied on her contract.
    Any bets on whether she will accept that 1 million dollar porn movie contract that she has been offered ?

  2. John Ryan says:

    ooops of cours ethat should have been kinda a right wing thing

  3. […] Carrie Prejean nude photos, Carroe Prejean nude, Carroe Prejean nude photos | by Gatordoug Pirates Cove has the details. It is, according to a rep for Prejean, a photoshop. Watch videos at Vodpod […]

  4. ES165 says:

    If you consider those nude photo’s and she was a minor at the time then someone should be prosecuted for showing them in public. Truth is they are not nude any more than poses I’ve seen on television in commercials for hand soaps and other beauty produces. Quote Jerry Sienfeld thirty years ago… “it’s not sex until the nipple makes it appearance”.

    What a vile low life campaign this is. The whole religious thing is a distraction just like the people who are trying their best to drop the race card in there somewhere. They are the nuclear weapons of the gay agenda. I’m a liberal but this left wing extremism is really inexcusable. Another ism like terrorism!! I had no opinion on gay marriage before this but what an eye opener it’s been.

  5. John, it’s not my side trying to destroy her, so that would leave the……left! Yes, that’s right, it’s your side attempting it!

    Yeah, definitely not nude. We can see more skin at the pool. But, yup, the extreme left is trying to destroy her because of the gay marriage issue.

  6. Mr Sirius says:

    I say promote Miss South Carolina to take her place!!!!!!

  7. beth says:

    You are bad to the bone! lol

  8. That could work, Mr. Sirius. I was hoping there could be something funny going on with the winner, Ms. North Carolina, but, heck, could barely find a swimsuit pic.

    I am a very bad boy, Beth. It is hard work s–

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