Latest Sign Civilization Will End: Man Walks Near Woman

Everybody panic!

UCONN Police Reporting a Suspicious Occurrence and Safety Alert:

On 2/7/09 at approximately 6:35 PM a suspicious incident occurred at Hilltop Apartments, in the parking lot between the Beard and French buildings. A male approached a female from the opposite direction and came up within several feet of her personal space. The female turned around and left the area. The male walked away in the opposite direction. The male did not say anything or make physical contact with the female. The intention of the male is unknown. Description as follows: a white male 6’ 0” with shoulder length brown hair wearing a red or brown cloth jacket and jeans. Male described as older than college age. The male had a round face and large build.

If you have any information or witnessed the incident please call UConn Police at 486-4800. As always, you are encouraged to travel in groups at night and in well lit areas. Please notify police of any suspicious activity to police immediately.

God help this guy if he had said hello, they might have called in the SWAT team and an FBI profiler.

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4 Responses to “Latest Sign Civilization Will End: Man Walks Near Woman”

  1. Jude says:

    Well, c’mon, Teach: This is exactly the kind of public safety report that citizens are fully entitled to file. It can be a very frightening experience when a silent man approaches a woman without introduction, lingers, and then flees into the night. I can’t imagine what might be inappropriate about this kind of report.

  2. Oh, I’m not going to disagree that women can be in danger, and that there should public safety notifications. It’s just in this case, it seems a bit overblown. The guy made no threatening gestures to her. Could be the way it was written, too. I can’t count the number of times that could have been me, and all I was doing was walking.

    But, yeah, I can understand the danger. Back at ECU, some friends of mine who were in a different fraternity beat the snot out of a guy who was being threatening towards a woman. They happened to be smoking a joint outside the library in the bushes, and caught the interchange, and jumped in.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Teach in the last sentence who is the “they” you are referring to ?

  4. The they is the campus police. And, yes, I was being over the top.

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