Will Nance And Harry Ever Allow A Vote On Energy?

Will they ever submit to the will of the People who want to drill, which is a majority?

 Washington, Jul 24 – House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today criticized Democratic leaders for bringing yet another bill to the House floor that will not produce any new American energy to help lower gas prices. The measure, falsely dubbed the Consumer Energy Supply Act (H.R. 6578), would simply replace 70 million barrels of light, sweet crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve with heavy, sour crude oil that is more difficult to refine into gasoline in case of a national security emergency. Boehner issued the following statement:

“With just days remaining before a five-week August recess, Democratic leaders are irresponsibly putting another bill on the House floor masquerading as a real energy plan. The American people know better. They support new American-made energy to help lower gas prices, but this bill does not offer a single drop of new American oil or gas. It’s little more than a three-and-a-half day ‘solution’ to a year-round problem for American families and small businesses – not to mention another ploy by Democratic leaders to run out the clock and avoid a real vote on more American energy and lower gas prices.

“Yesterday, House Republicans introduced the American Energy Act to increase American-made energy and help lower gas prices, and a solid majority of the American people and a bipartisan majority in Congress will support it. The measure encourages more conservation and efficiency, promotes the use of alternative fuels, and increases environmentally-responsible production of American energy – all to help bring down the price at the pump for families and small businesses. It is time for Speaker Pelosi and Senators Reid and Obama to stop blocking an up-or-down vote to help lower gas prices. Congress should not leave for the August recess without giving the American Energy Act the vote it deserves.”

It is high time that Democrats stop holding our country hostage to foreign oil producing countries.

Boehner was also on CNN, and called for Nancy and Harry to allow a vote.

And Dingy Harry’s energy speculation bill failed cloture in the Senate, but, it gets better!

At a “pen and pad” — a more casual, off-camera chat with reporters — Reid attacked and scolded correspondents in attendance, telling them he’s “really disappointed” in how they have been writing his energy plans, which include a bill to reign in speculation in the energy futures markets.

According to two Senate Democratic aides, Reid and other Democratic leaders were particularly stung by an article Thursday in The New York Times. It followed on several other reports that have highlighted Democrats’ attempts to fend off defections from their ranks to GOP-sponsored amendments, measures that would permit new drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf and in the West for oil shale. ….

Reporters tried to pin Reid down Thursday on the amendment issue.

In the exchange, Reid told one reporter she should “watch the [Senate] floor more often. … You might learn something.”

Another reporter explained she had watched the Senate proceedings and said it was not clear he was … offereing separate amendments, to which Reid asked the reporter if she “spoke English.”

“Turn up your Miracle Ear,” Reid added.

Pleasant. Good leadership. Such a bastion of the public trust.

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