Moonbats R Us Tonight

barking moonbat

From the Reality Based Community

A petition to send former White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove to jail over refusing a subpoena to testify before a House committee has gained over 100,000 signatures, according to the group promoting the petition.

Filmaker Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films and netroots activists have pushed for the prosecution of Rove for his refusal to testify earlier this month before the House Judiciary about the firing of federal prosecutors and allegations of selective prosecution of Democrats seen as political opponents.

I’m pretty sure our legal system doesn’t work that way. But, hey, whatever keeps you nutters off the streets.

And, from Sockpuppet McUpdate, who tries sarcasm

Most revealingly of all, the Kucinich impeachment hearing today is like a parade of those whom the Beltway class mocks as Shrill, Unserious losers and Leftist radicals — people who actually use overly excitable words like “crimes” and “prosecutions” when talking about our leaders or who, like the ACLU, actually object that most of what our Government does occurs in total secrecy. Serious, responsible Beltway establishment leaders know that courtrooms and prosecutions are only for the common people and — for our own good — our leaders cannot, must not and should not be exposed to any of that, and must continue to be able to shield what they do from public scrutiny.

And only one update! Impressive. Most impressive.

And over (Dems are) Crooks and Liars

He did one heck of a job of keeping it simple to explain the lies on the WMD’s, and why they didn’t even matter. What mattered is whether a country is an imminent threat, and the CIA said even with WMD’s, Saddam was not.

Gee, Heather, it was actually two of your guys, Jay Rockafeller, then John “have an affair and a baby while your wife has cancer” Edwards who actually stated that Iraq was an imminent threat. Wasn’t Bush or Cheney. That’s a red card for idiocy for you. I’d give you a 15 yard personal foul, but we know how much libs hate football but love futball.

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