AGW: More Goracle And Terrorists

Has the Goracle been off his meds? By meds, I mean, of course, the lavish meals that made him balloon up and start spewing methane……. ah, never mind. Ben Smith – Gore compares offshore drilling to invasion of Iraq

In a surprise appearance at Netroots Nation — which apparently was the worst-kept secret in Austin, Texas — former Vice President Al Gore followed up a speech by Nancy Pelosi by laying out a narrative on climate change and the energy crisis that seems ready-made for the Obama campaign to download

Ah. One loser who couldn’t carry his own home state followed by another who has set records for low Congressional approval.

“The defenders of the status quo are the ones who have dug us into this hole,” he said, commenting that Americans have been “so often fooled into finding a remedy for a problem” that has nothing to do with the problem at hand — pointing to the invasion of Iraq when America was attacked by terrorists in Afghanistan as an example.

Say, Al, I know you are a bit busy running around the world to exotic vacation spots like Bali, and cruising in your private jets and luxury sedans and SUVs, but, you do know that we went in to Afghanistan, right? Or, are you just a sore loser? But, hey, building a coalition of grassroots activists will surely solve the energy problems we face, what with them sitting around and chanting, you know.

Remember this report from late June? Global warming linked to terrorism

Global warming probably will mean more illegal immigration and humanitarian disasters, undermining shaky governments and possibly expanding the terrorism threat against the US, intelligence agencies say.

“Logic suggests the conditions exacerbated (by climate change) would increase the pool of potential recruits for terrorism,” said Tom Fingar, deputy director of national intelligence for analysis. Fingar said the intelligence agencies have only low to moderate confidence in the assessment because climate data tend to focus broad global changes instead of specific countries.

Well, Fingar was right

Green campaigners are being blamed for vandalising a number of 4×4 cars in Marston, Oxford, on Thursday night. The owners of six vehicles found that tyres had been let down and warning letters plastered to the windscreens.

‘Driving an SUV is an unacceptably selfish act in the face of this global emergency,’ the notes state. ‘Your destructive vehicle and scores of others across Oxford have been disabled as part of a wider struggle to avert a global emergency.’

And they wonder why environmentalists are not taken seriously. On one end of the spectrum you have people like Al Gore who extol a lifestyle that must be lived otherwise the Earth WILL END!!!!!!!!!, yet is one of the worst offenders. At the other end, we have violent wackjobs. And both pretty much want the same thing.

Say, I wonder if we can direct the little vandalisers over to Al’s house?

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2 Responses to “AGW: More Goracle And Terrorists”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach there are only about 26 deep sea oil rigs in the whole world they are already all on long term lease. The last new one was ordered by Brazil at a cost of 1.2 billion and a 3 year waiting time. Exactly what do you propose to use to drill a Dewalt cordless?

  2. John Ryan says:

    And as far the the low Congressional approval do you think that the Republicans will have a net gain in Congress? I do not and, I think that the American people will again blame THEM for the lack of progress. What do you think will happen to the Republicans in the Congressional elections ?

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