Jawa Report: AP Stringer Detained Over Murder Fliming

Score another one for Rusty and The Jawa Report

It looks like our story got some attention in Afghanistan. AP stringer Rahmatullah Naikzad was detained for two days after he filmed the brutal murder of two women by the Taliban accused of prostitution. The incident was first noted by us here and, as Fox News reports (hey, you guys don’t know how to link?), “the AP has been following this case closely with some concern,” after we raised several questions about Naikzad’s relationship with the Taliban.

The video Naikzad made is here (WARNING: Graphic).

It’s good to see that Naikzad is now helping local Afghan authorities track down those responsible for the murders. However, Naikzad’s version of events still raise some serious questions about journalistic ethics.

Go read the whole thing.

How soon till the Nutroots decide that Naikzad is just an innocent dupe of the evil reich wingers at The Jawa Report and Faux News and start to protest? Then the ACLU will get involved, forgetting that Naikzad is not American and this is not happening in America. Petitions will be put online. Signs will be drawn. Free Naikzad. “What? He stood by while two women were murdered? Sorry, that has no bearing on the issue. Somehow, Bush is to blame, and the plight of women in Islam is unimportant in the grand scheme of progressivism.”

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One Response to “Jawa Report: AP Stringer Detained Over Murder Fliming”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach I am glad that those videos were taken and posted it shows who the taliban are. As for his lack of saving those unfortunate women, what would you have done that he did not do ?

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