France Getting Extremist Islam, Says No To Veil

To be honest, it is a bit late for France, since supposedly 25% of their population, legal and illegal, is now of Middle Eastern and Northern African descent, but, maybe they are finally getting it together, and will provide a guiding light to the rest of Europe before it actually becomes Eurabia

 LA VERRIÈRE, France — When Faiza Silmi applied for French citizenship, she worried that her French was not quite good enough or that her Moroccan upbringing would pose a problem.

“I would never have imagined that they would turn me down because of what I choose to wear,” Ms. Silmi said, her hazel eyes looking out of the narrow slit in her niqab, an Islamic facial veil that is among three flowing layers of turquoise, blue and black that cover her body from head to toe.

But last month, France’s highest administrative court upheld a decision to deny citizenship to Ms. Silmi, 32, on the ground that her “radical” practice of Islam was incompatible with French values like equality of the sexes.

“(The naqib) is not a religious insignia but the insignia of a totalitarian political project that promotes inequality between the sexes and is totally lacking in democracy,” Ms. Amara, herself a practicing Muslim of Algerian descent, told the newspaper Le Parisien in an interview published Wednesday.

The naqib is part of radical Islam, and what the leaders in pushing Sharia law and a world wide caiphate want the women to wear.

Of course, Ms. Silmi doesn’t have to leave France, she just can’t be a citizen. But, it is a start.

An interesting blurb at the end of the Times story, though

A Dutch court punched a hole in toughened immigration restrictions on Friday, ruling that an illiterate Moroccan woman cannot be required to pass a Dutch language test in order to join her husband in the Netherlands.

The order dismayed politicians who have sought to curb immigration from non-Western countries, and they vowed to fix the law to cover the loophole exposed by the Amsterdam District Court.

On the other side, the ruling was applauded by rights activists who say the government should scrap the requirement entirely, which they say is discriminatory and violates international law.

Gotta love it. “International law.” Passed by whom?

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