Obamessiah Resigns From Trinity With No Change

I’m a little late with this, was out playing 9, but, looks like Senator Fluffy is making a political calculation. How soon till he calls this issue a “diversion?” (CNN)

Fluffy Bunny 2008Barack Obama resigned Saturday from his Chicago church — where controversial sermons by his former pastor and other ministers had created repeated political headaches for the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination — his campaign confirmed.

The heat of being associated with his “divisive” and hateful, not to mention bigoted and America hating, church of 20 years apparently got to be too much for the Messiah.

Sister Toldjah was listening to it on the tellie (Monty Python was on last night)

8:01 PM: Obama is speaking, says he and Michelle Obama made the decision to leave with “some sadness.” Praises Rev. Moss and Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger. He says he’s leaving for the sake of the church, to protect it, because of the intense media scrutiny. He’s essentially defending the church. (snip)

Obama makes clear he is not denouncing the church.

I guess Mr. Hope and Change is not actually able to make a serious change.

Flopping Aces catches a funny Liberal

So in an attempt to turn manufactured right-wing ammo into blanks, Obama has completely separated himself from his minister and his church. What worries me is this: Can we expect a President Obama to cave in to the whims and will of the right on policies and issues he knows are important, if this nation is to move forward in a progressive and compassionate manner? Can we expect him to genuflect to negative reports by an uninformed, misinformed or ill-willed media?

I wonder if Joe Biden will comment on a Democrat being as weak and limp as 10 minute boiled spagetti?

Wish I had time to do a dumpster dive in the Seethe-o-sphere, and drop a few links, but, real life calls, and, after reading about yet another soft boiled liberal, I think I have to go do something manly. Like order the 12 oz steak instead of the 8 oz. Mwahahahahahahhahahahahaha!

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2 Responses to “Obamessiah Resigns From Trinity With No Change”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Obamessiah’s next church will be ‘The Island of Misfit Militants’ or ‘The Church of Loose Change’ or ‘The Church of Whitey Owes Us’or ‘The Church of the Hygienically Challenged’….

  2. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    Cafeteria Catholic no GI Joe Biden is from a pathetic blue state of socialism – Duhawhere CCCP. The governor is an obese feminazi named Ruth Ann Minner (The RAM) and she brags about her GED and that’s it? Biden and Carper are 100% socialists and Rep. Tom Castle is a RINO…. They eat road kill there too and call it scrapple! The NASCAR Monster Mile rocks however and so does Dover AFB… Biden is a meglomaniac big time!

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