Lindsay Lohan Nude?

Yup. Mostly. Look on the bright side, though. At least she is not opening the hood by running into something in an automobile! (No nudity below the fold. Safe for work, though racy)

 Marilyn Monroe

She is recreating Marilyn Monroe’s final photo shoot for New York magazine. Some time in the gym for a muscle tone up would have been nice. If you are interested in the PG-13/light R photos, head to IDon’ (NSFW!)

PS: the Marilyn photo is not from the recreated photo shoot. Just there for contrast. Nice tramp stamp on Lindsay, though!

this is also what is called traffic whoring 🙂
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4 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Nude?”

  1. Stacy says:

    I’m going to assume that they’re the Marilyn Monroe redos. I was looking at those last night and thought “who the hell does she think she is attempting to be Marilyn Monroe”? She is toe lint. Nuf said.

  2. Yup, they are. Not that impressive, I must say. She really needs to lay off the partying all night (even if sober), and get some exercise.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Most of today’s SINsational Poop Culture ‘Pinup Slu…Gals’can’t compare to the Marilyns and Raquels and Sophias…
    Poop Culture = Paris Hilton American Idols?
    Marilyn was a size 14 too and full of WOW…not a skinny skeletol annorexic heroine shooting skull faced beauty queen.

  4. MarkLake says:

    I think you guys are way out of line here. Do you really think Lindsay thinks she is Marilyn Monroe or is trying to be her. They are pictures. If she was taking nude pics dressed like Uncle Sam or Abe Lincon would you be comparing her to them also. She is Remaking Pics of Marilyn because she was and is an Icon. I also think you are wrong about the way Lindsay looks she isnt Marilyn but wow She is a knockout in her own right. One of the most Beautiful women alive today in my books by a long shot. Sorry if you do not agree.

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