Mohammed Cartoon Sammenhold

The Devine Miss MM calls for a reprint of the Mohammed cartoons on this second anniversary. Can do!

Click the photo for full size Check Captain Ed, he has lots more on the subject.

More: check out the ultra-awesome, and fatwa friendly, graphic at snapped shot.

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11 Responses to “Mohammed Cartoon Sammenhold”

  1. Stacy says:

    Oh dear, do my pistols and I need to go over there and protect you?

  2. Muhammed Cartoon Solidarity…

    For a while now, every time I wrote about the Muhammed Cartoons, I would show one, sometimes more and yesterday was no exception when I wrote about the foiled plot against Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist that drew the well known, controversial Muahm…..

  3. Especially if you are going to do double handed shooting 🙂

    I was actually checking out some guns yesterday afternoon. Some Glocks and Baretta’s.

  4. Silke says:

    Way to support free speech! Good for you, Teach. 🙂

  5. John Ryan says:

    Free speech issues ?
    Yeah a bit like those kids that teased the Siberian tiger in the Sam Francisco Zoo.

  6. Silke says:

    I disagree. What better way to respond to violent threats about some obscure cartoons then to get them published everywhere and by everyone?

  7. We show Sammenhold today with free speech…

    Two years ago, the cartoon riots over the Mohammed cartoons published in Denmark took place. Michelle Malkin brings up the subject this week again, rightly stressing that this is something to show solidarity (or, as in Danish, sammenhold) with for th…..

  8. Spirit Wolf says:

    It’s pretty sad that people get so caught up in superstitious BS that they are more than willing to riot and kill over a cartoon of some stupid guy who lived and died over 1,000 years ago. I’m sick to death of hearing about “people of religion” (whether Muslim, Sikh, or Christian) trying to control what the rest of us read, write, draw, think, see, do or say, and I’m especially sick of them demanding special dispensation for their superstitious idiocy. These people must be stopped in their tracks with a good firm slap on the muzzle, and not acquiesed to or given exemptions to laws and rules.

    For more Mohammed cartoons, see:

  9. ismail says:

    It’s definitely not freedom of speech. If you think you’re free to insult people, then you should be ready to be insulted by others. I know you wouldn’t like that. You can be free all you want, but make sure you stay honest. Freedom of speech is a privilege that comes with other responsibilities such as respect and tolerance for others. Something good is coming out of this mess, that is more people are reading about the prophet Muhamed peace be upon him. As they do that they find out that the cartoonist is a pure liar, and the victim (the Prophet Muhamed peace be on him), is the most honest person to ever have walked on this earth: The Leader of All Times. If you don’t believe me read for yourself. The prophet Muhamed has nothing to do with any acts of violence committed in his name nor anything to do with what the cartoonist claimed.

  10. Joseph says:

    For those who think Muhamed was a peaceful man, one has only to see what his “true believers” do in the world today IN HIS NAME AND THAT OF HIS FALSE GOD! Peaceful muhamed? Tell that to the hundreds of helpless prisoners he slaughtered in mecca when he took it over. Or the murdered and raped victims of his caravan raids. (He personally OK’d the rape of women slaves. Even partook himself) He personally led 11…thats ELEVEN armies of conquest. He was a pedophile (marrying a six year old) and his sexual apetite was insatiable. Ever wonder why muslims are limited to 4 wives but “the prophet” had many times that?
    You ‘believers’ might be fooled into complete and mindless submission, but let the rest of us think for ourselves. Oh, and ismail, I can handle being insulted if I insult someone. What I don’t do well with is murder of innocent people by those who felt “insulted”. What’s a matter…muslims can’t take a joke?

  11. ismail says:

    I wonder How much of your information about the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him is actually true. It is very unfortunate that you are not able to cite credible, dependable, and authentic sources of your claims. As for his followers,peace be upon him, committing crimes in his name, I wonder if a true follower of This great prophet would even kill animals let alone human beings.
    The Crusades have been committed in the name of Jesus Christ, Certainly that wouldn’t lead me to mistreat or ridicule our prohet Jesus peace be upon him. Throughout history, many Christians have commited acts of murder in the name of Jesus, peace be upon him, do you really think that Jesus peace be upon him OKAYED those crimes……?
    This is the man who, when he came back victorious to Makkah, called those same Arabs who prosecuted him and slaughtered many of his followers and told them: what do you think I shall do to you, they replied , all we know is that your are the honorable and the son of the honorable, HE SAID GO FOR YOU ARE FREE.
    Let it be known that the ridiculous freedom of speech that these FREE people are hiding behind is not the same freedom that the peoples have fought for. IN FACT, This is freedom from RESPECT to OTHERS. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t claim to be A civilized Free and commit the acts of an uncivilized crook. I am afraid that this new trend of freedom will change this world into a jungle. I definitely, STAND AGAINST THE ACTS OF VIOLENCE COMMITTED IN RESPONSE to the cartoons. However, I am afraid that there are those who feel just as FREE to offend when they are OFFENDED….!

    Finally, I kindly invite you to take this as an opportunity to do some real research into the life and character of this Great Prophet. This Great Prophet whose followers are over two billions, and according to many reports the number of his followers is ever-increasing,especially in the West where Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT WE THE MUSLIMS RENOUNCE EVERY ACT OF TERRORISM COMMITTED IN THE NAME OF ISLAM AS MUCH AS WE DISOWN EVERY ACT OF TERRORISM COMMITTED BY OTHERS.

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