Illegal Alien News Today

To start

An illegal alien faces a prison sentence of 12 years after being convicted of trying to shoot a Yuma Border Patrol agent with the agent’s gun and of two other charges, the U.S. District Attorney’s Office said in a news release.

Rafael Rivera-Alonzo, 34, had wrestled the service handgun from the agent’s grip while struggling with him on July 15, 2006, the release said. But the agent managed to render the firearm inoperable, and the agent’s partner arrived in time to help subdue Rivera-Alonzo before he could fire it.

Great editorial in the Baltimore Sun

What a precious headline on Cynthia Tucker’s Monday column: “Mean-spirited foes of illegal immigration pushed to the side.”

Foes of illegal immigration?

Call me old-fashioned and mean-spirited, but I’m a foe of murder, kidnapping, wife-beating and just about anything else that is against the law – including illegal immigration.

Good points!

In the idiot part of illegal alien news

Civil rights activists have accused U.S. immigration officials of denying legal aid to some of the 130 suspected undocumented workers caught during a raid by federal agents in Los Angeles, local media reported Tuesday. (snip)

Also at Monday’s news conference, a worker detained last week said ICE agents were physically and verbally abusive to the workers during last week’s raid on a factory.

That last part is straight out of the old Communist sympathizer and Al Qaeda manual, eh?

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