Unhinged Over Sicko

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Let me see: Conservatives get royally pissed off over other countries denigrating the USA, Liberals denigrating the USA, and terrorists and terrorist nations attacking and/or threatening Americans/America. Liberals get all sorts of unhinged over a movie and the government not paying for everyones healthcare.

Below the fold due to language that I won’t censor, since the “flavor” would be lost, a really fun DUmmy post

rateyes: I’m so fucking pissed off right now, I can’t see straight…DAMMIT…

I didn’t get the chance to see “Sicko” in theatres this year, and asked my daughters to get me a copy for Christmas. They did. I just finished watching it.



Fuck the AMA for their opposition to universal coverage. Fuck the insurance companies that look for every way under the sun not to cover medically necessary procedures.


This would be the very definition of unhinged. The only thing missing would be the threat of violence or actual violence. Or a heart attack or stroke, which appears to be the way rateyes is heading.

Does rateyes understand where the money comes from for universal healthcare? Do any liberals/progressives/surrender monkeys?

  • sigh — I’m planning to watch it tomorrow…I’d better pick up something for heartburn, eh?
  • Yeah, and if you needed it in France.. you could get it for free. (Or Canada, or England, or CUBA)

Cheapskates cannot even afford some Rolaids.

  • I got it for Christmas, too And every one of my fundie, winger “friends” need to see it. Things could be so much better in our country if we had the mentality of “we are all in this together.” It’s unfathomable that the so called richest country in the world would not implement universal health care.

So would our war on terror, if you libs stopping giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

  • I am seriously thinking about visiting my Representatives office, taking him a copy, and asking him to come to my office to watch it with me. Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh.

“Then I’m going to ask for a public defender.”

  • rateyes: Yeah. I’m talking no deductibles, free dental & vision, prescriptions, the whole 9 yards for everyone. And, the savings in paperwork alone would probably pay for it all.

So who actually pays for it? Dems are rather devoid of an answer to that question.

  • Saw Sicko when it was in theaters. Amazing how other, less wealthy nations can provide virtually free health care for ALL who live within their boundaries and OUR powers-that-be are (for the most part) are steadfastly adamant as to the “sickness” our health care system would suffer if we mimicked them!

And most of them are in the red, and people are taxed out the ying yang to pay for that “free health care.”

  •  No concrete plans and political lip-service by our candidates are killing the issue. Unless the Democratic Candidate(read Party included) can come up with a plan before the convention and announce it then, Universsal Health care is a DEAD, DEAD pidgeon for a long long time. We are fucked again.

Yo. That is pretty much all they ever do. Except when calling for retreat. For that they have a plan. Run away.

  • If you’re anything like me… … you’ll cry when you watch the movie. Then maybe you’ll remove your Edwards avatar and vote for Kucinich. This really is the single most important issue in our country – it will determine if we are even to remain a first world nation, IMO.
  • Just finally watched it yesterday And I’m ready for a revolution!
  • Revolution is the word. nt

I think the word is “moonbat.”

  • The movie should be required watching for all candidates. Not to mention every Congressperson too. Oh wait – they have their own excellent health care for life, so they don’t have to worry.

Libs are all for freedom, as long as you are forced to do what they want.

  • Yea I’m Canadian and I can’t believe people are just now waking up to how ABSOLUTELY MIND NUMBINGLY INSANE it is that you guys have to PAY for health care…it’s…unbelievable. Immoral. I dont understand how it happened.

Who do you think pays for your health care in Canada, bub? The Tooth Fairy?

  • Healthcare in America is our only true crisis. That is how I feel about this issue. It should be the #1 issue for all Americans.

I’m confused. I thought anthropogenic climate change was the only true crisis.

  • Good content, lousy delivery – are the obscenities REALLY necessary?
  • rateyes: Letting off the steam helps my blood pressure.


  • ‘Sicko’ should carry a warning on the DVD cover.Warning- watching this movie may cause unmitigated

Actually, the warning would be “Caution – may suck the money out of gullible liberal pockets as Mike Moore laughs all the way to the bank.”

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4 Responses to “Unhinged Over Sicko”

  1. Stacy says:

    My dear Canadian friend has nothing nice to say about Canada’s healthcare. There’s a reason Canadians come to the US for their healthcare needs.

  2. John Ryan says:

    I think that the USA could provide the best single payer health care on the planet !!
    Many seem to think that the USA can’t do anything right.
    If socialized medicime is good enough for our elected leaders, our military, our governmental workers, our seniors, and many more than I say it is good enough for me THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER.
    I am already paying for socialized medicine for many, why not myself ?

  3. Stacy says:

    It takes an act of God to renew your driver’s license. I really don’t want to put my loved ones well being into the hands of a inept system. When I think about the years of difficulty I’ve had in dealing with government agencies (which I do often because I’m self-employed) it frightens me to think of universal healthcare.

    For the record, my husband thinks it’s a good idea.

  4. Two Dogs says:

    John Edwards has a “really good” plan. All people that make 200k or greater will be taxed at 78% to pay for the 90-100 billion dollar program. This amounts to TOTAL coverage for every man, woman, and child for only $333.00 each. He must have some coupons or something.

    How would you like to earn 200k to bring home 44k after fed taxes? I am so happy!

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