Beer Monday: Fred! Going For It In Iowa And Knows Who To Attack

The start of a new work week, time to get busy, to shift some paradigms……huh? Right. Last day of the year. Time to be lazy, lounge around the house, be unproductive, watch some Bowl games, take some naps in preparation for getting sloshed for New Years. I guess a beer isn’t necessary. Let’s check out Fred! (video via Stop The ACLU)

Unlike some of the other GOP contenders, you know, the flip flopper, the tax hiker, the adulterer, and the nutjob, Fred! knows who to go after

A more fired-up Fred Thompson said yesterday he needs to finish second in Iowa’s caucuses this week, and he went on the attack, accusing Democratic leaders of having let their party be hijacked by liberal interest groups.

Campaigning heavily here over the past two weeks, Mr. Thompson has refined his message and yesterday released a 15-minute Web video laying out his qualifications and telling voters they need to pick a Republican nominee who is willing to call out Democratic leaders for abandoning their principles.

“They’re all NEA,, ACLU, Michael Moore Democrats,” Mr. Thompson charges in the video, which is on his campaign Web site. “They’ve allowed these radicals to take control of the party and dictate their course.”

He said that gives Republicans a chance to recapture independents and “good Democrats” who agree their party has been hijacked, but he said Republicans must choose someone capable of making that case.

I won’t say that Democrats are the enemy, but, they are the people that the GOP nominee will have to run against (as opposed to the way the Dems will campaign against W). Fred is in a war of ideas and policies, campaigning as a Conservative and in opposition to Democrat slogans and socialist propaganda.


Vote Fred! Iowans. Best choice to lead the nation.

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11 Responses to “Beer Monday: Fred! Going For It In Iowa And Knows Who To Attack”

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  2. Right Truth says:

    Happy New Year…

    Say good bye to 2007 and give a big wet kiss to 2008. We should all have high hopes for the new year. All things are possible, everything is new, fresh and full of possibilities. Well, that’s how I like…

  3. John Ryan says:

    even among republicans Fred isn’t well liked.
    He would be probably the easiest candidate for the Democrats.
    And of course he would have to explain to the Republican base his criminal defense of the Libyan Pan Am bombers.And his lobbying for a pro abortion group and civil suit in support for a Westboro Church member against the Attorney General of Arkansas.Do we want a lobbyist as President ? One that worked for a foreign insurance company that did not want to pay asbestos claims ??

  4. John Ryan says:

    Fred has fallen to 80-1 to win in 2008.

  5. 123beta says:

    Banished Words…

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  8. Happy New Year 2008…

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