No DL’s For Illegals In Michigan, NC Talking To ICE

Good news from Michigan

Illegal immigrants are ineligible for driver’s licenses, Michigan’s attorney general said Thursday in an opinion that affects one of the few states that have been granting licenses to undocumented residents.

Attorney General Mike Cox’s opinion is legally binding on state agencies and officers unless reversed by the courts. It was not immediately known how soon any changes would take place or what the opinion means for illegal immigrants with currently valid licenses.

Michigan law prohibits the secretary of state from issuing a driver’s license to a nonresident. Cox, a Republican, said it would be inconsistent with federal law to regard an illegal immigrant as a permanent resident in Michigan.

Good for Cox, who apparently, unlike so many others in his state and other states, want to provide American benefits to people who came to this country illegally and do not deserve said benefits.

Of course, you know what is coming next, right?

Cox cited national security concerns, but the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan contends his opinion could actually make the state less secure.

“It drives them further underground,” executive director Kary Moss said of illegal immigrants. “If they have licenses, then the state knows about them and has information about them. If there’s no form of state recognition, it’s essentially a much more invisible population.”

How about if it drives them out of the country? I’m sure the residents of Michigan would prefer not to have their tax money wasted on people who do not legally belong in the Michigan, much less the USA.

Perhaps we should follow the ACLU method, though: give them free DL’s, then deport them when they show up to get them. Then again, perhaps the ACLU might actually concentrate on their stated mission, which is protecting the rights of citizens of the United States of America, not people who come here illegally from other countries. Like that will happen.

And in North Carolina, another move that will annoy the ACLU

As the New Year rolls in, so will a few new rules. One rule that will take effect come January 1st is a rule aimed at identifying undocumented immigrants in county jails.

When people are booked into jail on felonies and DWIs, they can be, and are supposed to be, asked if they are a legal resident of the USA. If not, ICE will be contacted. At that point, though, it is in ICE’s hands. The NC jails will not initiate deporation.

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