Global Warming Today: Anti-Globalization And Others

One group of climahysterics show why they push anthropogenic climate change

As global warming negotiations move from Bali towards a worldwide treaty, it is important to address how global warming and global trade work hand-in-hand.

Globalization is to global warming what warm water in the Gulf of Mexico waters was to Hurricane Katrina. And, unless we wisely limit rapidly accelerating global trade, we will see equally disastrous and deadly results — worsening global warming and a continued chemical poisoning of our world.

I, and others, have said time and time again that man made climate change has been pushed by leading leftards for a few reasons

  1. to make money
  2. to gain prestige and power
  3. to institute world wide socialism
  4. to take down capitalism

AlterNet provides the perfect example of #4. They call themselves progressives, but, I believe they would prefer going back in time and living as people did back in the…..well, really, how far do we have to go back in time to find that trade was only occuring locally?

An interesting paragraph from the morning call

The thing that is glaringly absent from the global warming theory is testing. The scientific method requires exhaustive testing to validate a hypothesis, and also requires that a test be applied that would show the hypothesis to be false. This was not done, but instead, the environmentalists cherry-picked only periods of time when CO2 and temperature were both increasing. The problem is, that has rarely happened.

Don’t forget overinflated statistics and “facts,” hyperbole, and hysteria! Oh, and that most of the leaders in the climate change realm, not to mention all their disciples, mostly fail to live the life they say we all should be living.

And, apparently, Ron Paul is not only going to “save the Constitution!”, but save grass farming, as well. Birtcheresque crank.

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3 Responses to “Global Warming Today: Anti-Globalization And Others”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Of course it is silly to think that 6 billion humans could have any impact upon their environment.
    It WAS a rather warm day here in New York City 54 F no mittens or warm hat needed today !

  2. Seth says:

    One of my favorite commentaries on global warming was a video I watched not long ago in which scientists pointed out that when we enter warming trends, it takes three or four decades before we see a CO2 increase in the atmosphere. This indicates that temperature increases cause increases in CO2 levels, not the other way around.

    Those scientists who do not support the anthropogenic global warming theory inundate us with evidence to support their views, while the AGW mongers, with no evidence to produce, merely throw rocks.

    The entire kerfuffle lends new meaning to “political science”.

  3. John, yet again, I have never stated that Man has no impact. Just that the impact is minor. And, BTW, what you are referring to is called a micro climatic impact, also known as the urban heat sink affect.

    The climahysterics love their innuendo and scare tactics, but are rather devoid of facts. I love that graph, the one that shows that temps go up, then, CO2.

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