Jena 6 Kid Suing: Where’s The Media Feeding Frenzy?

Well, at least it made page A2 of the USA Today

JENA, La. — The family of a white student allegedly beaten by six black classmates in rural Louisiana has filed a civil lawsuit against the teens’ parents, the adult teens, an additional student and the local school board.

One teen, Mychal Bell, pleaded guilty to battery in juvenile court on Monday in the attack. Five other teens face criminal charges in the case and are awaiting court appearances.

Justin Barker, 18, and his parents, David and Kelli, allege in the suit that seven Jena High School students attacked Justin on Dec. 4, 2006, as he left the school gym.

The suit names the attackers as the “Jena Six” students — Bell, Bryant Purvis, Robert Bailey Jr., Carwin Jones, Theo Shaw and a juvenile — as well as a second juvenile.

“Petitioners show that Justin was singled out by Mychal, Bryant, Robert, Carwin, Theodore (and the two juveniles), and that the malicious and willful attack of Justin was of such extreme nature so as to require emergency medical care and treatment for the harm inflicted by the attack, and resulting in extensive and permanently disabling injuries,” the lawsuit states.

The civil suit was filed Thursday. The lawsuit alleges that the LaSalle Parish School Board, through its employees, was not adequately supervising students or maintaining discipline.

Think we are going to hear much about this from the liberal media? Probably only in terms of how this white kid who got the sh*t beat out of him by 7 black kids is just a big old meany. Don’t you find it interesting that liberals that liberals tend to take the side of the people committing violence, such as Mumia, Tookie, and Islamic extremist, rather then the real victims?

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7 Responses to “Jena 6 Kid Suing: Where’s The Media Feeding Frenzy?”

  1. dsf says:

    After the paltry turnout for the protest march on the Department of Justice, I think the media decided that this case has insufficient entertainment, er I mean, news value. After all, the news here was not the beating of Barker but the indignation among a few black activists from outside of Jena.

  2. Carl says:

    I expect someone to try to spin it attempting to portray the kid who got beat up as the instigator.

  3. js says:

    The question that no one seems to want to ask is, “Why was Justin attacked?” Was it it an attack or a case of mutual combat or retribution for his involvement in an incident earlier where he was the person doing the attacking. Is there really a victim here? Justin, the prosecuter, nor anyone else including you has ever said what insighted this alleged attack. Yes someone got hurt, but so did Bell some time earlier. I know during a pending case there are gag orders. I think this suit by Justin and his family is a further smoke screen to keep a gag order of sorts in place so that we all are in the fog of speculation. What is needed here is a real investigative reporter, not a town yeller who parrots what we all have read with just an opinion attached. Get out of your chair and go on down to Jena and bring a real story not just your opinion I can get that at the barber shop.

  4. John Ryan says:

    So sue the School District ? I always thought that these kind of lawsuits were anathema to the ultr right wing ?
    You get beat up at school so you sue the school district ?
    No wonder schools have had to cancel recess.

  5. Good points, dsf. And guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton realized there was no money for them to shakedown.

    Carl, they have been trying. Pathetic, isn’t it?

    JS, regardless of what may or may not have preceeded the attack, did he deserve to have 7 kids beat him up and put him in the hospital? Not to mention that assault is a felony.

    John, you missunderstand: we do not like frivelous lawsuits. This one seems to have merit.

  6. Kurt P says:

    js- The only relationship that Justin had with the other incident was that he was white and so were the perpetrators.

  7. angie b says:

    No one deserves to beaten up, but were his injuries that “disabling”- he was able to attend a party the same evening? I think a lot of people involved here are full of @#$%! Oh, he’s suing the very same school district that has so publicly taken his side. I really would like to know what provoked these actions. The answer is never to resort to violent behavior, but I’ve never heard that this kid was just standing around minding his own business and he just got jumped out of the blue- unprovoked. This isn’t a perfect world and you can’t go around doing and saying anything you please without consequences. I would like to hear this boy say that he didn’t do or say anything to his alleged attackers. But, I would be willing to bet that is something he CANNOT say. After the nooses were hung on the tree, one of the Jena 6 boys was beaten up at a party by white kids the weekend prior and the offender was charged with a simple misdemandor assault, booked and immediately released.After the noose incident, the LaSalle Parrish DA- Reed Walters upset over the commotion that black students were causing over the nooses- came to the gym of the high school and turned towards the black students who were sitting on one side of the gym, shook his pen at them and said (threatened) “I can end your lives with a stroke of a pen!” With HICK law enforcement like that they will NEVER get a fair shake at anything in that INBRED town.I say if Justin Barker is going to sue, then there should be a suit filed by Robert Bailey- the boy who was beaten by whites as well.
    I think this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

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