Exotic Bali Today: Not Looking Good

Hey, look what the climahypocrites are doing (sorry for the mass cut and pastes, but why add much to a pretty good story?)

BALI, Indonesia — Never before have so many people converged to try to save the planet from global warming, with more than 10,000 jetting into this Indonesian resort island, from government ministers to Nobel laureates to drought-stricken farmers.

But critics say they are contributing to the very problem they aim to solve.

“Nobody denies this is an important event, but huge numbers of people are going, and their emissions are probably going to be greater than a small African country,” said Chris Goodall, author of the book “How to Live a Low-Carbon Life.”


Two big climate conferences have been held in less than a month, both in idyllic, far-flung holiday destinations — first Valencia, Spain, and now Bali. They were preceded by dozens of smaller gatherings. In Bangkok, Paris, Vienna, Washington, New York and Sydney, in Rio de Janeiro, Anchorage, Helsinki and the Indian Ocean island of Kurumba.

The pace is only expected to pick up, prompting some to ask if the issue is creating a “cure” industry as various groups claim a stake in efforts to curb global warming.

No, says Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the U.N. Climate Change Conference. “Wherever you held it, people would still have to travel to get there,” he said. “The question is, perhaps: Do you need to do it at all? My answer to that is yes.”

Of course the answer is yes. How else to get to travel around the world on the taxpayers (read primarily US taxpayers) dollar and see exotic places? Free vacation, baby!

The U.N. estimates 47,000 tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants will be pumped into the atmosphere during the 12-day conference in Bali, mostly from plane flights but also from waste and electricity used by hotel air conditioners.

If correct, Goodall said, that is equivalent to what a Western city of 1.5 million people, such as Marseilles, France, would emit in a day.

But he believes the real figure will be twice that, more like 100,000 tons, close to what the African country of Chad churns out in a year.

Double oops!

In largely symbolic gestures, 200 bright-yellow mountain bikes are being offered to participants so they can pedal around the heavily guarded conference site, and recycled paper is being used for the documents being handed out. Bins separating plastic and paper dot hallways — a rare sight in a country where formal recycling is virtually non-existent.

Yet SUVs, taxis and other cars sit in long lines at the gates to the site, spewing out exhaust as they wait to get through security checkpoints.

Just like at Goracle speaking engagements where he gets tons of money! Go figure.

“We don’t need talk, talk, talk,” said Ursula Rakova, 43, of Papua New Guinea’s Carteret islands, describing how the rising sea has destroyed once-fertile farmland on her island of Huene and split the land mass in two.

Or, it could be the natural forces of the Earth doing what it does, namely, erosion. Considering that the island of Huene is part of an atoll, supposedly coral sitting on top of an extinct volcano, seems a bit more likely. (Pick away at that, climahysterics.) However, Rakova is correct. Mostly what we get is talk, talk, talk. In exotic vacation spots.

Found via Memeorandum. See more at Sister Toldjah, Outside The Beltway, A Blog For All, Polipundit, and The Sundries Shack

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Let’s not forget all the happy Republican bureaucrats vacationing in Bali Teach !! Remember we sent 60, plus security and administrative support personnel.
    Representatives from all branches of the military too !!
    Hey this is real serious stuff here and there will not be many more chances for the Republicans to get a trip like this.

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