Walter B. Jones: The Last To Vote

To continue what I was saying in the Surrender Monkey post this morning, it seems that Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-NC 3rd) has even more to answer for.

He voted for the House surrender bill, aaahhh, but it doesn't stop there. Listening to Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC 5th) on WPTF this afternoon, it seems that she was keeping an eye on the tally board, especially when time had expired, and the Democrats kept voting open for an extra 5 minutes.

You see, as time expired, there were only 216 votes for the surrender legislation, two short of passing. The last two to vote? Walter B. Jones and someone from California, forgot the name.

So, thanks to Walter B. Jones (R-NC), the measure passed in the House.

Thanks, Walter!

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2 Responses to “Walter B. Jones: The Last To Vote”

  1. John Ryan says:

    I think that you are wrong about this matter. Why do you feel that 218 votes were needed ? Only a simple majority of those present is required to pass legilation. Where were you during civics class ? If you are wrong will you write up a big apology/retraction ?

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