Go Big D!

Sith Master Cheney speaks

Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday criticized Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for making "uninformed and misleading" statements about the war in Iraq. 

"What is most troubling about Mr. Reid's comments yesterday is his defeatism," the vice president said in a rare Capitol Hill press conference. 

"Indeed, last week, he said the war is already lost, and the timetable legislation he is pursuing would guarantee defeat."

Harry's Moto

 demotivation irresponsibility

As the Opinion Journal puts it

Gen. David Petraeus is in Washington this week, where on Monday he briefed President Bush on the progress of the new military strategy in Iraq. Today he will give similar briefings on Capitol Hill, but maybe he should save his breath. As fellow four-star Harry Reid recently informed America, the war Gen. Petraeus is fighting and trying to win is already "lost."

Mr. Reid has since tried to "clarify" that remark, and in a speech Monday he laid out his own strategy for Iraq. But perhaps we ought to be grateful for his earlier candor in laying out the strategic judgment–and nakedly political rationale–that underlies the latest Congressional bid to force a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq starting this fall. By doing so, he and the Democrats are taking ownership of whatever ugly outcome follows a U.S. defeat in Iraq.

This isn't to say that the Administration hasn't made its share of major blunders in this war. But at least Mr. Bush and his commanders are now trying to make up for these mistakes with a strategy to put Prime Minister Maliki's government on a stronger footing, secure Baghdad and the Sunni provinces against al Qaeda and allow for an eventual, honorable, U.S. withdrawal. That's more than can be said for Mr. Reid and the Democratic left, who are making the job for our troops more difficult by undermining U.S. morale and Iraqi confidence in American support.

Harry and so many Democrats are invested in America losing, just to harm President Bush. They care little for the damage done to America, both at home and abroad. They aren't called Defeatocrats for nothing.

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4 Responses to “Go Big D!”

  1. Maggie says:

    Democrats are short-sighted.

    They lost their credibility to fight a war after their antics during Nam.

    Here we are back at square one with the white flag waving, French wannabees, doing it all over again.

    Go grief. History repeats itself.

    In the meantime, the Bush tax cuts send the Dow soaring…uhm, Regeanomics repeating itself.

    Heaven help us if any Dem gets to the WH.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Let’s hear it for Skreecher of the House Pelosi & Meatballs…And General Betrayus Murtha and his Yellow Coat Defeatocrats! God bless southern red state U.S. senator Lindsey Graham – The Palmetto State Patriot!

  3. Democrats can only win by losing. It really is sad.

    And, they will surely say that the economy still sucks, despite the Dow

  4. John Ryan says:

    As Bush’s polls drop and the Democrats go up voices become ever more shrill and hysterical.

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