Iran Releases New Geneva Convention Violation Video

Video: More British Hostages in Iran

Sorry, kinda small and blurry, but, what do you expect from Iranians? Also at Youtube.

More from the BBC:

Iranian state television has aired new footage of two of the 15 Royal Navy personnel captured nine days ago.

They were shown separately standing in front of a chart of the northern Gulf where the sailors and marines were seized on March 23.

One captive said Iranian maps showed the group was “inside Iranian territorial waters”. The second said he understood why Iran was angry.

The Foreign Office described showing the TV footage as “unacceptable”.

Me, I’d call it a Geneva Convention violation. Too bad none of the usual suspects on the Left will.

Well, video is slightly better at CNN.

Hot Air has more, particularly about the Iranian protests at the British embassy in Tehran. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it the Iranians holding hostages?

As Allahpundit writes:

Captain Ed thinks the regime’s going to let the protesters storm the embassy eventually, which of course would put all sides on a war footing. I’m skeptical, but if it does happen it could happen on Tuesday. That’s when Ahmadinejad’s holding his press conference on this so that would be the time to egg them on.

How long till the Left clamors for calm? Calm on our side, of course. The Iranians can do whatever they want as far as progressives are concerned, since everthing is America’s fault anyhow.

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3 Responses to “Iran Releases New Geneva Convention Violation Video”

  1. dav says:

    Aren’t you one of those idiots who think the Geneva Conventions are “quant”?

  2. If you mean quaint, no.

    Aren’t you one of those idiots that think they should only apply to the USA, not the terrorist world? And one of those ones that fail to understand that the folks at G’itmo are being treated better then the GC’s say they should?

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Patriot WT – This ‘dav’ is Mullah Cimoc’s beer buddy and ‘dav’ stands for Deranged Athiest Vermin? The Islamomaniacs in GITMO have a better ‘life’ than did the 2,996 slaughtered Americans and foreigners (120) during three hours in three US states on 9-11-01! God bless you WT and your patriotism and blog. Happy Holy Week my friend. – Death Star II & Go NJ Devils!

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