Islamic Terrorists Kill Children

From the BBC

At least three children have been killed and six injured in a suicide bomb attack on an Afghan army convoy in eastern Afghanistan, police say.

Several soldiers and civilians were also wounded in the incident.

Police said the children were in the vicinity when the attacker blew up his explosives-filled car near the convoy.

The attack occurred close to Mihtarlam in Laghman province, about 100km (60 miles) east of the capital, Kabul. Nato confirmed the attack.

I'm still waiting for those compassionate progressives to condemn the attack.

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One Response to “Islamic Terrorists Kill Children”

  1. Jcdinform says:

    Why would anyone condemn the attack,… Islamic people have the perfect right to defend their Nation against the United States Armed forces and their Allies that illegally and immorally occupied a Soverign Nation, a Nation of People that has never attacked the United States.

    American solders have killed tens of Thousands of Iraqi People and countless Iraqi Children which is looked at as just “Collateral Damage” by the UNITED STATES Corporation,…

    Do you really think that Islamic people went Crazy one day and just started bombing People for no reason,… put yourself in their place for one minute,… what would you do if a big elephant like the United States bullied their way into your Country and started killing your relatives, neighbors and friends?,…. would you just do nothing when you had weapons and explosives at hand. I am positive I would pick up a gun and fight back.

    Besides, the discussion is a moot point because the United States has no Business killing Iraqi citizens, The United States is the Aggressor nation and the Iraqi People are the defending Nation.

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