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Morning, y'all, Jebediah here on another White Trash Wednesday. To start out, did you know that some Hufftards blame Bush for the wicked weather in the middle of the country? You probably think I am kidding. Ah, not so! The story starts thus:

Utility crews worked on Monday to restore electricity to about 330,000 Missouri households and businesses that were still without power following a storm blamed for 29 deaths across five states.

Crews hoped to take advantage of moderate weather expected Monday — with only a few lingering snow showers and flurries — to bring power back on before an expected drop in temperatures to the single digits Monday night.

Welcome to Hufftard World

  • Whew thank god for GW, else this storm would have been bad.
  • God must be angry… punishing all those red staters for re-electing a war criminal to the presidency. Hope this doesn't keep the Bush supporters from volunteering to participate in the escalation, oops, I mean "surge" in Iraq.
  • Why didn't FEMA prevent this??!! George Bush doesn't care about white people!! (probably a "freeper" making fun of the Hufftards)

At this point, the thread degenerates into a fight on global warming, er, climate change

Global climate change doesn't involve simple rising temperatures everywhere…computer models predice cooling in the northern parts of North America and Europe as the Atlantic currents change, along with a variety of other effects of a system thrown out of balance.

There is no scientific debate on global climate change. You might as well ridicule those of us who "believe" tobacco causes cancer.

Laughable. But, that is the lefty thought on global warming, er, climate change. They realized that they couldn't account for things like massive winter storms and cold spells, so, they changed their wording to "climate change." Somehow, though, all the cooling will leave us with a warmer temperature that will destroy the Earth in 10 9 years.

Is the Earth warming? After all I have read, I would say yes. Man certainly plays a small part, as we are part of the ecosystem. But, mostly, it is due to cyclical action, and, in a couple hundred years or so, we will slide back in to a cooler period.

Moving on, Chris Kelly, who writes for Bill Maher, goes completely unhinged:

A wierdo has snatched your sons…and sent them to Baghdad. And he's just been spotted grabbing 21,500 more.

Last week there were two big stories. A St. Louis man was caught kidnapping a second boy to go with the one he'd been holding for four years, and the President announced he was sending more troops to Iraq.

And we could ignore the obvious similarities, or we could come right out and say it: Alleged kidnapper Michael Devlin something something George Bush.

But it is kinda weird, isn't it? That the same week this twisted tub o' lard in Missouri gets caught abducting a new kid for his menagerie, Bush says he needs more teenage corpses to stuff in the national crawlspace?

The President and the Pizza Dispatcher. One is a psychopathic moron whose motives are known only to himself, and the other is Michael Devlin.

Other eerie connections between Bush and Devlin? They both drove pickup trucks. Distrusted illegals. (Devlin called the cops on the Hispanic family across the hall.) Had a strong sense of territoriality. (Devlin, over his parking space. Bush, the Persian Gulf.)

One difference? Devlin worked long hours.

Only in Liberal World does someone compare the President of the United States to a kidnapper like Michael Devlin. Completely unhinged. And the Hufftards eat it up.

Funny, though, he actually calls Mo Dowd a moron.

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  2. linda says:

    HOW do they come up with this lunacy?

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