Raising The Minimum Wage

Let me start off by saying that I am not against raising the minimum wage a bit, as it hasn't been since 1997. I do have an issue with some teenage burger jockey, who I'm not denigrating, as most of us have been in that position while young, getting $7.25 an hour mandated by law. I prefer that the market set the price, but there will always be misers who want to play games.

Now, remember, the Republicans tried to raise the min wage to what the Democrats wanted, $7.25 an hour back in August, but the Dems had hissy fits over inheritence tax changes.

Read Rep Jane Shakowsky going Hufftard

Nearly 15 million Americans go to their jobs every day caring for our children and frail old people, cleaning other people's mess, serving us food in restaurants, and for their efforts receive $5.15 an hour, the Federal minimum wage. If they work 52 forty-hour weeks, their annual income adds up to $10,712 — $4,367 under the poverty level for a family of three.

Other Americans — the CEOs of the nation's top companies, those with $1 billion or more in annual revenues — made on average $10,712 by 11:02 a.m. on January 2, 2007, the first workday of new year. According to a report by Americans United for Change, those CEOs make $5,279 an hour, $10,982,000 a year, or 1,025 times more than their minimum wage employees.

First, the typical pandering of children and old people (who would be senior citizens, Jane!). Perhaps people who need to take care of others should get a real job. Or are they just too incompetent or dumb to hold a real job? I wonder what Jane made last year as a Congresswoman?

Next, those CEO's work for private organizations which make a buttload of money. Obviously, those CEO's are rather more talented then those making minimum wage. Plus, what they get really is a private affair, not the governments. Per the Constitution.

But, let's consider: Ted Kennedy stated that $10,700 figure was $6,000 below the poverty line. Let me excerpt from a post back on Jun 21, 2006:

"Americans believe that no one who works hard for a living should have to live in poverty. A job should lift you out of poverty, not keep you in it," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. He said a worker paid $5.15 an hour would earn $10,700 a year, "almost $6,000 below the poverty line for a family of three."

Looks a little different from the Jane's figure for below the poverty line, eh?

Let's look at some math

$7.25 – $5.15 x 40 hours x 50 weeks = $4,368

$4,200 < $6,000

$6,000 / 52 / 40 + $5.15 = $8.03

So, $7.25 does not bring one to the poverty line for Ted. Jane uses a figure of $4,367 to reach the poverty line. Which one is it?

Anyhow, she states that 15 million Americans make minimum wage. How many of those are young and in base level jobs? Or maybe retired and just picking up some extra money, or keeping busy? Or are just incompetent? First, if they have a family, and that job is their primary, they really should have had a family.

Second, there is a vast difference in what $7.25 means in different parts of the country. It might mean something in a rural area, but, in an area such as New Jersey, it will mean very little.

What it means is a kickback to the unions which the Democrats are beholden to, which can allow them to push for much higher wages from their companies.

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2 Responses to “Raising The Minimum Wage”

  1. JohnJ says:

    The majority of those 15 million are kids on their first job, who live with mom and dad, and who don’t have a family to support.

  2. According to Dem doctrine, they all have 3 kids and work 5 jobs at min wage to support them 😉

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