Personal Responsibility Takes a Hit in Omaha

From KETV Omaha

A ban on sledding was announced Wednesday for two Omaha area parks.

The city said all types of sledding activities on Cunningham and Zorinsky lake dam sites is banned, as well as all activities on frozen ponds and lagoons within city parks.

The ban is a result of a Nebraska Supreme Court ruling that found public entities, such as parks, are not protected under law.

Omaha's city attorney said the ban must be enforced to save the city millions of dollars a year in potential lawsuits.

This is what happens in Liberal World, where personal responsibility goes out the window, cause it is always someone else's fault.

Wipe out while sledding, an activity that you chose to do? Hey, it's not your fault, sue the government.

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2 Responses to “Personal Responsibility Takes a Hit in Omaha”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Real democrats, not liberals, have led the ‘if I get hurt in any way while making and arse of myself i’ll sue the government’ movement. Democrat today means welfare, lawsuits, abortions, cut and run, not a ba** in the crowd. Good thing the conservatives work and make good money to pay the taxes to support the democratic welfare system. By the way, soom you will be paying a lot more taxes. We have a movement afoot in Va to increase the gasoline tax by 10 cent per gallon. Who will that hurt, the working stiff that must buy the gas to go to work. Welfare riders just walk to the 7-11 for another case of beer on the workers. It has been held up for years by a republican, he finally caved so hide your money or buy a mule. It might just pay to quit work and get on welfare now.

  2. Can’t disagree with that.

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